One and a half year old girl suddenly disappeared fortunately nanming grid police along the street to find

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“At the gate of a health center in Guiyang, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl who went to the health center with her father suddenly disappeared.”March 13 morning reporters in the South Ming police learned that the South Ming grid police help along the street to find a lost little girl.”At 15:24 on March 11, our grid suddenly received a three-party call warning command: at the gate of the First Health center in Huaguyuan E District, a little girl suddenly disappeared and was in urgent need of police help.”Nanming 7 grid police Bian Xin told reporters: after receiving the police situation, he immediately led the team Li Kehao and Li Guilin rushed to the scene to try to find the little girl.According to Bian Xin, police officer of nanming 7 Grid, they arrived at the scene at 15:27.”There were a lot of people in the hospital at that time. Mr. Wu, who called the police with an anxious look on his face, said that his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter got lost accidentally when he was waiting in line to get vaccinated. Then he checked the surveillance and found that his daughter had left the hospital, so he called the police for help.After understanding the situation, the grid police began to work immediately.The grid officers will take the girl back to the hospital first.After analyzing the situation at the scene, the police and auxiliary police immediately started their work, looking for shops and passers-by along the surrounding roads, and expanding the scope to nearby pedestrian streets and other places to look for.After continuous patient search, the grid police finally found the lost girl near the pedestrian street. It turned out that she left the health center and gradually walked along the road, farther and farther away from the health center.After helping to find the little girl, the grid police in the verification of the alarm is the identity of the father of the lost girl, then the lost girl to the alarm, and told him to take good care of the child, to avoid accidents in traffic or strange environment after the child lost.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Zhang Bin editor Yu Fuwen editor dry Jiangdong Liao Bo