Micro photography hall “Chinese New Year does not close”, consumers do not go out to buy high-quality literature and entertainment goods

2022-05-29 0 By

Recently, in response to the government’s epidemic prevention policy during the Spring Festival, to meet the public’s demand for online shopping during the Spring Festival, to play the role of e-commerce platform to ensure people’s livelihood, and to reflect the spirit of corporate responsibility, Micro Pai Tang launched the “Spring Festival Without closing” activity again, to provide a Cultural consumption feast of The Spring Festival for the vast number of art lovers.According to reports, As a leading enterprise in the field of art and literature e-commerce, Micropaitang has launched the “Spring Festival Without closing” activity since last year.In response to the government’s policy of “Reducing the flow and celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot”, this activity is a new online activity created by Wepatang.From the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month to the 7th day of the 1st lunar month, Wepai Hall will cooperate with more than 300,000 merchants on the platform to open online business, bringing together thousands of fine arts and crafts, so that more than 70 million consumers can buy high-quality arts and crafts goods without leaving home.Not only that, in this activity, micro photography hall also launched a series of welfare activities such as “worship the God of wealth, win the prize”, “merchants put leakage of good goods to buy non-stop”, “spring good store together gift”.Consumers who participate in “Spring Festival Without closing” will have a chance to win up to 2,022 yuan and other coupons.Micropaitang hopes to intensify its promotion, promotion and service through various forms of profit reduction, so as to activate the enthusiasm of consumers, unleash the consumption potential of users and promote the prosperity of the cultural consumption market.It is understood that as collectables – autograph art head enterprise in the field of electricity, micro film hall since founded in hangzhou in 2014, created the “live auction + free treasure” innovative business model, but the trading models that have reconstructed the traditional collectables – autograph industry, pioneered a number of collectables – autograph electricity consumer rights and interests safeguard measures, at the same time is committed to build and perfect collectables – autograph industry standard service value system,Lead a group of businesses and users to jointly build a new text and play e-commerce ecosystem.At present, the auction category of The Platform has covered eight categories such as jade jade jewelry, calligraphy, painting and seal cutting, tea and wine tonic. The business proportion is among the best in the industry, and it has been awarded as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Hangzhou Unicorn Enterprise”, “The Best Internet Brand of the Year” and so on.