Promoting fair consumption Shijiazhuang launched the “March 15” publicity campaign

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March 15 International Consumer Rights DayGreat Wall network · Jiyun client reporter Zhu Haoming photo Great Wall network · Jiyun client news (reporter Zhu Haoming) “What is the car three guarantees?””How to solve the quality problem when buying a car?”On the morning of March 14, Shijiazhuang Municipal Market Supervision Administration and Chang ‘an District Market Supervision Administration jointly launched the “Jointly promote fair consumption” March 15 theme publicity activity in Hebei International Automobile Trade Park.The activity focuses on hot and difficult issues such as “three guarantees” and car maintenance, answering inquiries and accepting complaints on the spot, aiming to create a safe, assured and orderly consumption environment.Promotional materials placed at the event site.With the continuous increase of car ownership, consumer disputes and complaints caused by car purchase contracts, car quality and after-sales service occur from time to time.At the scene of the activity, the staff popularized relevant knowledge for the masses and guided consumers to improve their awareness of rights protection by answering questions and explaining typical cases of automobile rights protection.The staff is explaining the knowledge of consumer rights protection to the citizens.”Through participating in this activity, I know a lot of knowledge about car rights protection, but also know how to protect their legitimate rights and interests when buying a car, I feel very practical.””Said Mr. Wang, who was leafing through brochures.”In addition to distributing brochures on site, we also signed the pilot Cooperation Agreement on dispute Settlement of Third Party Household Automobile Products with CRRC Cloud Business (Beijing) Information Technology Co., LTD., becoming the first pilot project for third party involvement in dispute settlement of ‘three Guarantees’ responsibility of household automobile products in China.”Fan Yaru, head of consumer protection unit of Shijiazhuang Chang ‘an District Market Supervision Administration, said, “If consumers encounter some professional problems when buying a car, we will work with a third party to provide owners with a fair, professional, convenient and efficient dispute settlement service.”Brochures are being collected by the public.It is understood that since this year, Shijiazhuang Chang ‘an District market supervision bureau accepted a total of 32 cases of three guarantees dispute cases, the completion rate reached 100%, satisfaction reached more than 95%, consumer satisfaction increased 10% year on year.”Going forward, we will step up publicity efforts, allocate competent law enforcement forces to solve practical problems faced by consumers and business operators, improve the efficiency of resolving consumer disputes, protect the bottom line of safety, and jointly promote fair consumption.”Shijiazhuang city market supervision administration deputy director Yin Binghui said.Key words: consumer, automobile, activities