Red township: Party building to lead the overall establishment of the Spring Festival epidemic defense

2022-05-29 0 By

In the face of the current grim situation of epidemic prevention and control, Huohong Township has given full play to the fighting fortress of grassroots Party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and done all kinds of epidemic prevention and control work in detail, and built a solid defense line against the epidemic during the Spring Festival to protect people’s lives and health.Compaction responsibility, deployment implementation.The Party Committee of Huohong Township responded positively and quickly, quickly conveyed the spirit of the conference on epidemic prevention and control of the province, the city and the county, and made use of the “big data + grid” mechanism to knit and strengthen the epidemic prevention and control network. All party members and cadres sank to the grass-roots line, clear work tasks, compaction work responsibilities, and quickly carried out action.Strengthen publicity and create atmosphere.Through wechat work group forwarding the latest news released by the city and county level, to the general public and merchants of the latest epidemic situation.Township police stations, health centers and market supervision offices jointly carried out special inspections of businesses along the streets, requiring strict implementation of prevention and control measures such as one-meter noodles, wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning registration.Each village propagandised the control policy of returning to their hometowns and advocated the local Spring Festival.Loudspeakers were widely publicized in the area to persuade people not to go out or gather together, and to implement normal prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, regular ventilation and frequent disinfection.Focus on key areas and strengthen control.We will implement grid control measures for people returning to their hometowns from medium – and high-risk areas who have been quarantined at home, tighten the responsibilities of subcontractors, provide on-site nucleic acid testing services, and follow up the whole process of management, so as to ensure the first response, first decision, and first response. We will firmly take the initiative in prevention and control, and ensure that there are no blind spots in supervision.Fire Red Township Deng Xian Yan editor: Yuan Ronghui