Reputation: muller is not a world class central defender and his move to Dortmund is a career setback

2022-05-29 0 By

Jeler will move to Dortmund this summer after five years at Bayern Munich.Jurgen Kohler can understand the situation as the 1990 World Cup winner also played for bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund during his career.Kohler said: “from a sporting point of view, I think the move is questionable, it’s more like a step backwards for me, he’s gone from a first club in Germany to a second club.Koller said: “You can hope he is a leader at Dortmund, but at the end of the day, performance speaks for itself.He still has to prove that he can be a leader player and I’m curious to see if and how he will step into that role starting this summer. I don’t know if he’s mentally strong enough.”Overall, Kohler described the free transfer as a “good move”, although he said there was a “certain risk”.”He has had two serious knee injuries.In my opinion, Juler is not a world class defender and has many shortcomings, not least consistency over the years.But if he stays healthy and consistent, he is definitely one of the top players in Europe.”Koller said: “Juler wanted a change of scenery because he didn’t feel valued at Bayern.From a personal point of view, the overall package at Borussia Dortmund is clearly better for him and he may soon be earning more there than he is now at Bayern.In addition, there may be signing fees, which you will also have to add to your salary.Financially, it must be good for him.”