The China Film Museum will broadcast the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics live on 5G/8K screens

2022-05-29 0 By

On February 4th, China Film Museum took advantage of the platform and cooperated with Beijing Radio and Television, Beijing Mobile, And Taiwan Electronics to realize the 5G/8K live broadcast of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, leading the ultra HD 8K technology to light up the “scientific Winter Olympics”.8K projection technology is the most advanced film projection technology in the world at present. It will open a new vision of film and television industry and may have a huge impact on film and television industry and other areas of life in the production and application end in the future.With a resolution of 7680X4320, it can display up to 33.17 megapixels of motion images, 16 times the picture quality of 2K, allowing previously impossible details to be clearly displayed.Through 5G/8K live broadcast, ultra high definition picture quality is presented in front of the audience, bringing an immersive experience.Following the opening of the world’s first 5G/8K cinema in January 2021, the China Film Museum has been exploring the application of 5G/8K technology in theater performances, sports events and other scenes, demonstrating the unique charm of the capital Beijing in leading technological innovation in the innovative form of “film + science and technology”, and becoming an industry explorer in the integration of culture and science and technology.In January 2021, the company will cooperate with National Center for the Performing Arts Beijing Cantata to realize the world’s first 5G+8K ultra HIGH definition live theater for stage art.In November 2021, China will complete the ultra hd premiere of the first 8K Peking Opera film “Catch and Release Cao”, and explore the “opening mode” of Peking Opera films that are more enjoyable and valuable.In February 2022, the opening ceremony and important events of the Winter Olympics will be broadcast live on 5G/8K, enabling audiences to experience the highlight moments of the Winter Olympics as immersive as possible.In the future, the Museum will continue to strengthen cooperation with the industry, constantly summarize experience, promote scientific and technological innovation, and present high-quality visual experience for the audience, the museum said.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao Yang editor/Gong Lifang