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Some time ago, I received a patient, an old man in his 60s, he said he was ill, I asked him the reason.”In the past, it was easy to climb stairs and walk. This year, I was very tired after climbing only one floor. I was very sweaty and had severe asthma.”Through the preliminary examination, I found that the old man did not have any disease, and told him that this was just the occurrence of aging, slowly adapt to it, do not need too much treatment.Uncle a listen to, also not happy, think I cheat him, do not want to do a comprehensive examination.Aging is inevitable for everyone, with the growth of age, our body will appear a lot of diseases, such as heart disease, three height, obesity and other problems one after another.But not all manifestations are the occurrence of disease, like the above uncle, sometimes you feel the body appeared some uncomfortable situation, after examination did not find the cause, really need not worry too much!It’s just normal aging!Osteoporosis By the time many people reach their 50s, they seem to be getting shorter.His bones are not as hard as when he was young, and it is easy to fracture.Osteoporosis is a very common phenomenon in the elderly, with the growth of age, calcium will continue to lose, we need to add some additional calcium.Hair loss in old age there is a very obvious symptom, that is hair slowly thinning, this is a normal phenomenon.People in old age, hair is easy to appear dry, soft, white hair, shedding and so on.This is due to the deterioration of various organs in the body, resulting in a decrease in metabolism.Freckles age spots and wrinkles are one of our inevitable problems.As we age, the production of natural oils in our skin decreases, leading to dry, inflexible skin and wrinkles.At the same time, air pollution, fat loss in the deeper layers of the skin and long-term sun exposure can break down the elastic fibers and collagen in the skin, causing our skin to age.Usually do not pay attention to sunscreen is also a big reason for our aging, long-term exposure will lead to the deposition of toxins and pigment in the body, the formation of senile spots.Just like bones, joints, muscles and skin, the brain ages with age.It is important to note that normal aging of the brain is not dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.The term forgetfulness excludes the decline in central processing speed and cognitive function of the brain after neuropathy, leading to frequent forgetfulness.Here it needs to be noted that if there are old people in the home with amnesia and cognitive decline, you need to go to the hospital to check whether it is the occurrence of disease or normal aging phenomenon.Tooth loss As we age, the enamel on the tooth surface becomes more and more worn away, and degenerative changes to the alveolar bone and gums around the tooth occur. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.Another reason is that the elderly do not pay attention to oral hygiene, resulting in oral diseases, resulting in loose teeth, falling off and other phenomena!Hearing loss is the most important factor of age, the patient’s various organs will appear degenerative changes, this is a normal phenomenon, can not be avoided, and there is no need for excessive anxiety.Vision loss presbyopia everyone has heard of it, like hearing loss, is also a normal phenomenon caused by aging.Some people say they have good eyesight when they are 50, but that’s because it happens at different ages.Physical strength does not support this point is more suitable for the old man at the beginning of the article, usually one breath up to the fifth floor, is not very laborious, but now climb the first floor, will be out of breath.This kind of circumstance also is normal aging phenomenon, our heart and lung function grows as the age and degenerate, the body went downhill slowly, natural physical strength is not as good as before.Any thing, want according to oneself body circumstance act accordingly.One of the most important reasons for aging is to eat, three meals a day, we have to eat every day, if we don’t eat right!It might make us age faster.Dietary taste should pay attention to low salt, low sugar, low fat;Secondly, we should pay attention to balanced nutrition, add more high-quality protein and vitamins, staple food should be based on whole grains, for fine rice and flour food to eat as little as possible.Dr. Luo reminds: do not save, eat a single food every day, will lead to a lack of nutrition!Proper exercise can boost the body’s metabolism, help speed up blood circulation, improve bone tolerance and improve the body’s immunity.Exercise 4-5 times a week, can help delay aging, the elderly try to choose some less harmful sports, such as: slow walking, playing tai Chi, square dancing and so on.Many people’s brains age faster than normal, and a big reason is that they don’t use their brains!For the elderly, can be in daily, more brain activities, such as: playing mahjong, chess, reading, watching movies and so on.This can help us exercise the brain, consolidate and improve the body’s memory, slow down the rate of brain aging.As I mentioned earlier, aging happens to everyone and is normal.When we face aging, do not worry and worry too much, but to maintain an optimistic, cheerful state of mind.”A smile, ten years younger” this sentence I believe we all know, usually keep social contact with friends, develop some interests and hobbies, do not meddlesome, maintain a love of life heart, not only conducive to health, but also can effectively delay the aging of the body.If you find this article useful, be sure to follow @Dr. Rowe on Health and I’ll share more health tips with you.