Why are there a large number of asymptomatic infected people?

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For several days in a row, the number of asymptomatic new coronavirus infections in the mainland has exceeded the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.In particular, asymptomatic infected persons have been in the majority in the past three days.Why do asymptomatic infected people continue to appear in large numbers?Is an asymptomatic infected person contagious?Is it more difficult to prevent and control asymptomatic infections?On March 28, the reporter asked Zhang Boli, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, about the above questions.”The large number and high proportion of asymptomatic infected persons are the obvious features of this round of epidemic.”Chamberley explained that this characteristic is not only related to the virus itself, but also related to timely screening and early detection of infection, and more closely related to vaccination.Asymptomatic patients are more likely because these three factors are related to the omicron mutation itself.”Novel coronavirus variants are more infectious and less virulent.”Chamberley explained that the clinical manifestation of weakened virulence of the virus is that the clinical symptoms will be lighter, and many infected people do not show clinical symptoms for a short time after infection.Analysis of case fatality of the Omicron and Delta variants from other countries showed that the case fatality of the Omicron variant decreased during the epidemic period, indicating that the omicron variant was less pathogenic than other variants.”Still, asymptomatic people should not be taken lightly.”Chamberlain reminds: first, although asymptomatic, but still infectious and more insidious;Plus, if you’re asymptomatic today, you might be symptomatic tomorrow.”This is particularly important for priority groups, such as the elderly, those with underlying medical conditions, as well as those who are frail, obese and heavy smokers, who are at risk of developing and deteriorating conditions.”Zhang Boli said, the general asymptomatic focus in isolation observation, advocate the use of Chinese patent medicine early intervention, one is to control its symptoms, especially not to the common type;The second is to promote the nucleic acid to turn negative as soon as possible.Asymptomatic more, and early screening, early discovery has a relationship.”After the outbreak of the epidemic, a wide range of screening has been carried out. Due to early detection, many patients did not show symptoms of infection in the early stage of infection.”Said Chamberley.With the strengthening of early detection capacity in various parts of China, the goal of nucleic acid testing in China is to complete nucleic acid testing in designated areas within 24 hours.The latest deployment of nucleic acid screening has enabled all parts of China to detect infected people as early as possible in a shorter time and control the source of infection.As a result, many of those infected were detected much earlier than those who had previously gone to an outpost with a fever or dry cough.”Another important reason is that our population has been vaccinated on a large scale.”Chamberley explained that the body immunity of the population is generally enhanced, so asymptomatic people are in the majority.Is an asymptomatic infected person contagious?How to prevent?”In the early days of the epidemic, some asymptomatic infected persons were confirmed to be nucleic acid positive after close contact with them.”When analyzing the situation in Jilin, Zhang boli said that asymptomatic infected persons are prone to latent transmission of the virus, which has already infected more people.Asymptomatic infected persons have no clinical symptoms, but they can be detected by nucleic acid testing with viral nucleic acid in their body and have a certain viral load, which is also infectious.Experts related to the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council said that from the perspective of epidemic prevention and control, the presence of asymptomatic infected persons makes it difficult to detect the epidemic, and if a large number of asymptomatic infected persons are not found in time, the epidemic will further spread and make it more difficult to control the epidemic in a timely manner.In this regard, Chamberley said that it is necessary to carry out fast and strict traceability of flow control, the key is fast, early detection, early isolation.”This round of the Mick Dijon spread epidemic has hidden for a long time, and there are multiple transmission routes, thus flow complex work hard, to be more strict careful, should not only focus on cases of contact, contact, generally contacts, consider the early stage of the cases even the existence of a chain of transmission, as far as possible find asymptomatic infections.”Zhang said that only by finding all asymptomatic infected persons in the shortest possible time and completely blocking community transmission can social contacts be eliminated as soon as possible.Source: Xinxiang CDC