End of laker career?Westbrook forced a smile and patted James on the shoulder

2022-05-30 0 By

When you’re a future Hall of Famer, a scoring and assists champion, an MVP, a triple-double leader in NBA history, and a member of the top 75, would you accept sitting on the bench at the end of your team?Westbrook appeared three times in just over 50 games with the lakers.Maybe westbrook’s poor play hurt the team, but does Los Angeles really deserve the best of westbrook?If you’re a sensible fan, you can’t miss the difference westbrook has made this season.From the early part of the season to the beginning of the season, westbrook’s confidence is gradually falling apart.Wei since he came to Los Angeles less never put themselves as the core of the team, to help James and Davis, but two people not only injury frequently, also need a lot of the ball do matting, the squad also is same, can’t play fast, and was also requires a lot of the ball becomes increasingly less won’t play.There were even rumors during the first half of the season that Westbrook had seen a therapist to relieve his mental stress.Maybe Westbrook just wants to help the team win, but he and James just don’t fit.But the entire Los Angeles and lakers front office and coaching staff are not willing to care about Westbrook’s psychological problems, but the lakers lost the blame on westbrook.The reason is simple, you are the highest paid player on the team, your performance is not as consistent as Lebron and Eyebrows, your turnovers and shooting percentage are off the charts, you are new to the team, you are not living up to some expectations, that’s all!Maybe the boos weren’t enough for Westbrook, but vogel’s back-to-back benching of westbrook in the final minutes was the final nail in westbrook’s eye.As the trade deadline approaches, westbrook’s time with the Lakers is running out.In the final moments of the lakers’ bruising by the Bucks, Westbrook put his arm around James and Brow’s shoulders as if to say, “Sorry I wasn’t there for you guys, maybe it’s time for me to go!”With Westbrook’s personality is not easy in this situation forced smile, if there, that may be forever goodbye!