Heilongjiang police issued an arrest warrant for the man suspected of major criminal offenses

2022-05-30 0 By

The suspect is Zhang Yuanzhong, alias: Zhang Fei (at large No. 2311210000002019055068), male, han nationality, 38 years old, resident ID number:231121198503163715, 173CM tall, medium build, round face, Northeast accent.The suspect is suspected of major criminal crimes, is on the run, is now publicly wanted to the society, please find the suspect units and individuals actively contact the Nenjiang City public Security Bureau, at the same time urge the suspect to surrender as soon as possible, for leniency.Informants who find clues and units and individuals with meritorious service in arresting them will be rewarded with rmb20,000.Nenjiang Public Security Bureau hotline: 0456-7522592 Photo of suspect Zhang Yuanzhong Nenjiang Public Security Bureau April 1, 2022