New!Bird species No. 272 appeared in Shenhu Wetland

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Yangtze River Daily Wuhan client, February 17 (Reporter Wang Weiqi, correspondent Hu Feng) On the evening of February 16, wuhan Caidian District Shenghu International important wetland released good news: the 272nd new bird species in 2022 — merlin.A merlin rests in the dead grass.On February 9th, during the first field bird monitoring work after the Spring Festival, the staff of Shenhu Wetland Nature Reserve found a trace of the suspected merlin near the reeds in the shallow grass beach of Yacheng Lake.After verification and identification, the relevant experts and scholars confirmed that the small raptor is the Merlin without error.At the same time, after checking the list of bird species of Shenhu International Important wetland, it was confirmed that The gryphus was a new species in Shenhu Wetland, and the no. 272 bird species was recorded.Falcons are known to be small, with brown irises, a gray mouth and yellow feet.The male bird has a brown head, dark grey on top, blue-grey upper body with fine black longitudinal stripes.The tail is bluish gray with a broad black secondary spot and a narrow white band at the tail.Females and subadults brown upper body with white brow lines, white throat, white lower body with thick brown longitudinal lines.Living in open swamps and grasslands, the merlin flies over the ground to prey on small birds and insects, etc. When it finds suitable prey, it will lock on the target and pursue it closely.According to Yan Jun, president of the Wuhan Bird-watching Association, the merlin is found in Eurasia, northern Africa, North America and northern South America, and is widely distributed in China. It has previously been observed in Fuhe and Yangluo.”It is a rare winter migratory bird in Wuhan and belongs to raptor. The low number of recorded birds may be related to the difficulty of observation and identification, and the female birds are very similar to kestrel, so it is not easy to identify.””For Shenhu, new bird species are recorded, indicating that biodiversity has improved, which is also related to high monitoring frequency,” Yan said.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: