The Spring Festival without firecrackers, a lot of cold

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After the New Year’s Eve in a hurry, came to the first day of the Year of the Tiger, feeling is quiet, as if secretly came to the year of the tiger, without a little sense of ceremony.In recent years, the policy stipulates that firecrackers are not allowed to be fired, and there is no firecrackers or sound during the Spring Festival. As a result, the Spring Festival has lost its vitality, popularity, meaning and value.At noon, I saw the streets deserted, with few people walking around and occasional moving cars. There was no noise in the past. The Spring Festival had no meaning and the taste of Chinese New Year.Is it Chinese New Year?There was nothing festive about it.Once the Spring Festival, very lively, is people’s expectation, is the children’s festival.Every year before the Spring Festival, both urban and rural areas are everywhere selling firecrackers gun shed, a variety of firecrackers make people feel novel, exciting, and the rumble of guns, sounded the taste of the New Year.The first round of gunfire of the Spring Festival is to remember the ancestors, is to give the ancestors, but also call the ancestors.Xi ‘an Spring Festival, most from the beginning of the thirty afternoon, Xi ‘an people said that the grave, ancestor worship, specific action is to ancestors relatives grave.A relatively close family meet to worship ancestors, every family bring firecrackers, there are two guns, more firecrackers, first to have left relatives, grandparents, parents kowtow burning paper to send money, also welcome ancestors home together for the New Year.Then it is to fire guns, alert ancestors, inform ancestors, drive away monsters, bless peace.In various cemeteries in the countryside of Xi ‘an, on the afternoon of The New Year’s Eve, the sound of gunfire continued to rise and fall until dusk, when the worship of ancestors came to an end and the first round of gunfire before the Spring Festival came to an end.Xi ‘an local 30 in the evening, not particularly grand, family busy day, prepared into ten days for holiday, finally the family can sit together, ready to watch TV, need to put a gun, drive out “year”, also remove all unlucky year, all of the unhappy, and all the bad things.At this time of firecrackers, mainly firecrackers, from the outside has been placed into the house, long slip away.Put the gun, the family gathered together chatter, chat, began the vigil, children began to try on the mother to buy new clothes, adults can get together to drink, watch the Spring Festival Gala.Some families also hold a New Year’s Eve dinner, bringing their brothers together to eat and drink wine to celebrate.The clock of midnight struck, the New Year began, the grand celebration ceremony began, xi ‘an rural people are through the sound of guns to celebrate.In some places, we all compete firecrackers, fireworks, firecrackers, bloom together, the midnight sky is illuminated and day, the sky is constantly showing fireworks, a variety of, gorgeous, very beautiful.More is the sound of guns, the sound is constant, there are the sound of firecrackers, there are also the sound of double guns, accompanied by the sound of guns, also have a continuous smoke filled.The intermittent gunfire began in the early hours of the morning and continued until dawn, when it slowly subsided and the great annual celebration came to an end.People get up early in the morning, the family reunion to eat boiled horns.People who had eaten boiled Angle, began the main activities of the Spring Festival: New Year’s greetings, New Year’s greetings to the elderly, relatives and friends of the children began to play, everyone’s hands, pockets have firecrackers, firecrackers, fireworks and so on, from time to time there are some sound.The Spring Festival without the sound of guns, some lonely.People, life needs passion, need lively, the Spring Festival needs the sound of guns.