Wait till you find out!Borofutian villages are not only beautiful, but also rich

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When the dead of winter Ridge village the oncoming walked into the town of bo Luo Futian depression is a colourful sight Lets a person as if into the space-time dislocation in March These beautiful scenery Luofu mountain country revitalization ShiFanDai are derived from the ring was deepened Sunshine in winter, the depression of ridge village road on both sides of the Chinese rose, hydrangea, azaleas and other assorted flowers open was brilliant,Houses on both sides of the yellow, pink, green and other different colors of “new clothes,” and “put on” the uniform canopy, let a person as if walking through the tourist attractions.Villager Huang Auntie village change is too big, in front of a lot of plants, health environment is very good, much more comfortable, like living in the community.Through the flower beds, we can see the villagers drinking tea and chatting leisurely at the gate of their houses or planning their business in order. A picture of rural revitalization with beautiful scenery and beauty is slowly unfolding. Such a change also happened in Xutian Village.The new plank road built along the Xutian River is clean and comfortable. Walking on the plank road, you can enjoy the clear water and the surrounding green bamboo fields. It is not only a beautiful viewing platform, but also a good place for leisure walking, which has become the new clock point in the village.Look!Located in laowu Group, huanluofu Mountain Rural revitalization Demonstration Zone headquarters has begun to take shape, with white walls, bamboo hedges and red flowers matching each other, quite distinctive.In the lower group, workers are speeding up the reconstruction of the facade of the house along the village road, flowers and plants decoration work is also in an orderly process.Villager Xu old man new rural construction, people’s life is getting better and better, the whole village environment has become beautiful.Villager Feng Yanqing, we fully support the upgrading of the village, and now the whole village is beautiful and more comfortable to live in.It is understood that in 2021, Futian Town to ring Luofu Mountain rural revitalization demonstration belt construction as an opportunity to seize high-quality development opportunities in the county, comprehensively promote the construction of demonstration belt, constantly make up for the village’s shortcomings, continue to improve the living environment, the people’s sense of gain, happiness, security significantly enhanced.Among them, a total of more than 140 illegal construction shed, an area of 13,000 square meters;Improve the road network construction, implement xuao connection road, Aoling central group road and other village roadway reconstruction and expansion, hard ground, asphalt transformation of about 3 km;Built a batch of “four small gardens”, beautify the village environment;The implementation of fuming Road, Xu Ao Road and other afforestation upgrade about 3 kilometers.At the same time, the toilets of 325 households in 2 villages were renovated, and 5 groups were selected to implement the pilot construction of sewage treatment and harmless utilization of feces.The renovation project of Aoling Commercial Street has been basically completed. With the theme of “Hakka Commercial Street”, about 50 houses along the street have been renovated, and both the business environment and the living environment have been greatly improved.Editor | Yu Zhaoling | Huang Jingrong source Luo Fu news, published by bo Luo comprehensive collation.