A number of experts suggest delaying the “test diversion”, delay diversion does not solve the actual problem

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Many experts suggest that after postponing the middle school entrance examination, although parents’ anxiety about education has been reduced, but this anxiety is still in.Especially junior high school parents, in the case of no change in the examination mode, load reduction for junior high school parents, not a few people can believe.In other words, the examination mode does not change, double reduction will be difficult to put in place.Many experts suggest to delay the diversion, such as Peking University Professor Yao Yang proposed to change the school system, delayed diversion.In addition to Peking University professor Yao Yang, Nobel Laureate Mo Yan has also spoken out for late maturing students, arguing that the entrance exam does more harm than good.Some time ago, state media also published articles calling for a delay in the implementation of the “double reduction” policy.That is to say, the problem of delayed triage has attracted more and more attention.The article points out that the existence of the examination, so that parents can not consciously and voluntarily to reduce the burden, this can not pass, double reduction is indeed difficult to take root, difficult to implement in place.The author of this article thinks that the most effective way to solve the current contradiction is to change the current school system, reform the enrollment mode of senior high school, realize that all junior high school graduates go to senior high school, and postpone the diversion of general job until the graduation of senior high school or after the second year of senior high school.After the entrance examination of the general post diversion is indeed the current double reduction is difficult to carry out the reason, shortening the school system, delay diversion for parents is indeed a certain significance.Shorten schooling, delay triage has a certain practical significance of a complete high school stage of learning, is conducive to the future of learning the current triage for children is indeed relatively early, 15 or 16 years old children’s mental maturity, the triage delay, the child’s mind will be more mature, for their own choice will be more rational.After high school, it is also good for future vocational education. Professor Yao Yang believes that the country does not need assembly line workers, after all, the assembly line can be replaced by machines, but really needs skilled workers.However, if students want to learn their skills well, they should keep up with the learning of basic subjects. To complete the learning of basic subjects in high school is more conducive to the upgrading of vocational education in the future.Vocational education in higher vocational or junior college stage, certainly higher than the starting point of secondary vocational education, which is beneficial to the development of vocational education.The second maximum degree to reduce the anxiety of parents at present education to parents really a large part of the anxiety is from the diversion after the entrance examination, general vocational high school, the focus of parents more or less will be reduced.That said, it makes sense to delay triage.Diverting delayed is not able to solve the fundamental problem, I think it is very difficult.Delay triage is difficult to solve the fundamental problem of the first delay triage is delayed competition, do not solve the fundamental problem of personal think that the current junior high school triage problem is not big, now delayed triage, is nothing more than the competition and anxiety delayed, and eventually parents have to face the choice.In other words, the split will eventually have to split, but sooner or later, ahead of the split, but to give parents plenty of time to prepare.To put it bluntly, delaying diverting means postponing contradictions, and substantive problems remain unresolved.Second, the current employment split is much larger than the 50-50 split that we’ve been talking about is five to five, but it’s not the case.The issue was clarified at an education ceremony held on the platform last year.The 50-50 split was proposed decades ago. It’s not the New Deal.At present, the actual ratio is about 6:4, accounting for 60% in the general high school, higher in first-tier cities, and even more than 90% in Beijing.At present, my city is also a second-tier city. Last year, the general occupation ratio was 74%. In other words, the majority of students are able to enter the general high school.From the data, eliminate the probability of students or not suitable for reading this road, of course, do not exclude the existence of individual late mature children.Every child in high school, or to consider whether the child can really adapt to the current high school teaching.To put it uncharitably, I can’t keep up with junior high school. Even if I have the chance to go to senior high school, I don’t know how much I can learn.Instead of wasting time in high school, choose a skill that is practical and interesting to your child.Third parents’ anxiety is not in the examination, but in secondary vocational education can not meet the needs of parents on the surface of the anxiety is caused by the current examination, but in fact is not so, parents are not worried about their children in the secondary vocational, but worry about the current secondary vocational not.In order to dispel parents’ anxiety, in the final analysis, vocational education should be done. If vocational education is well run, children will have a way out, and the problem will be solved.From these points, the problem of delayed triage is limited.Conclusion The development of vocational education can not be recognized by parents, to put it bluntly, it is a social problem, social problems rely on education to solve, or difficult.Only by attaching importance to vocational education, manufacturing industry and industrial workers can these problems be truly solved.Want to know more exciting content, come to tiantian education talk