Did you seal your food tightly on the first day of Beijing’s new “takeaway food seal” rules?

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New rules on “takeout food sealing” have come into effect in Beijing.April 1, Beijing issued the “network catering service catering safety management standard” (hereinafter referred to as the “standard”) officially implemented.On the first day of the implementation of the “Standards”, Beijing Business Daily reporters visited takeaway storage points, food cities, restaurants and other places, and found that some businesses had made preparations and the takeaway sealing was orderly.But there are also some businesses did not sell seal.At the same time, the current form of sealing varies, including sealing paper, staples, plastic film and other forms.In fact, takeout seal can greatly reduce the occurrence of food safety problems of online food, but whether it increases the cost of delivery has also become the focus of consumers.On April 1, Beijing issued the “standards” officially implemented, which has a clear provision for the packaging of food delivery: takeout packaging seal or disposable sealing bag and other sealing methods, seal, packaging bag mouth after opening should not be restored.Four months after the new rules came into effect on December 28, what about the actual situation of food delivery seals in Beijing on the first day of implementation?Beijing Business Daily reporters visited takeaway storage points, food cities, restaurants and other places, found that the current seal situation is uneven, there are still some meals have not been sealed.In addition, in the form of sealing, there are specific sealing paper, staples, tape, plastic film and other forms of sealing.Beijing Business Daily reporter saw in a takeout pick up point, KFC, McDonald’s, Xi Tea and other brands of takeout bags, on the opening, printed with brand name seal and order information.In addition, fish you together, Golden Harvest porridge, Xie Baolin barbecue mixed rice and other brands are using staples to seal the seal, and some businesses will be affixed with transparent tape or wrapped in multiple layers of plastic wrap.However, brands such as Western MCA, Golden Spoon Northeast Cuisine and Douteenager seafood Fried rice only tie takeaway bags without any seal processing.With the formal implementation of the Code, many enterprises are also constantly implementing the relevant requirements of food safety for delivery.As early as August 2020, Xi Cha launched the “Take-out comfort sticker” seal and put it into use in stores across the country, said a person in charge of Xi Cha.At present, The package of Xicha takeout is sealed with a seal, and a special takeout dining table is added.Since January 2020, Haidilao’s delivery stores across The country have uniformly sealed their food for sale. At present, haidilao installs disposable locks on the boxes of each delivery box to ensure food safety in the delivery process.Delivery platforms also advocate the use of takeout seal by food and beverage merchants in various forms.A person in charge of Ele. me said that before April 1, the platform had advocated and urged local takeaway restaurants in Beijing to use food security seals in accordance with the requirements of the Code through various forms of online and offline.In addition, ele. me has recently collaborated with relevant departments to customize more than 2 million copies of “Food safety seal” and distribute them to merchants for free.Meituan sales Beijing area related person in charge said that at present, the company actively respond to the provisions of Beijing municipal regulations, guidelines, guide takeout operators to use takeout seal as soon as possible.At the same time, it will also cooperate with relevant departments to continue to participate in offline publicity activities and distribute free food security seals on site.Takeout operators can also purchase food security seals in the App service market on the merchant side.While the takeout seal has been implemented, there are still some merchants who do not know.Reporters from Beijing Business Daily visited a food city and found that some businesses were packing takeaway food, simply packaging it without any “signature” measures.When asked if the staff of a liangpi shop knew about the sealing measures required for take-out food, they said they did not know.Consumer: The cost of sealing is added to the buyer?Faced with the move to seal takeout, most consumers expressed support.Beijing Business Daily reporter noticed through the social platform, some consumers think that the takeaway seal can kill two birds with one stone, send more secure, eat more assured.Some consumers also said, “In fact, some restaurants have long implemented take-out seal, but it has not been all advocated.”In addition, for the current form of sealing, there are also consumers put forward, some businesses now use staples for sealing, although it can be effectively closed food, but there will be certain safety risks, hope to be relatively unified.However, there are also some consumers have some doubts about the signing of the move.Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that some consumers will pay more attention to the price of food after the implementation of sealing.For example, after merchants implement sealing, whether the price of take-out will rise, whether the cost of sealing will increase, etc.Experts: will become the industry standard with the implementation of the “specification” is also the epitome of the standardized management of the network catering, and promote the standardized management of the industry is not achieved overnight, need to step by step and businesses, platforms, distribution personnel and other joint efforts.Fu Longcheng, president of the China Cuisine Association, told Beijing Business Daily that online food delivery business has grown rapidly since the outbreak of COVID-19. Online food has played a positive role in driving the steady growth of catering enterprises, but there are also some problems such as a lack of food safety awareness among some online catering service providers.”The Specification requires that the seal or the opening of the outer packaging bag cannot be restored after opening, so as to ensure that the food is not opened during the period from leaving the restaurant to the customer’s hands, so as to avoid the risk of malicious opening in the process of distribution, or the abnormal packaging caused by non-human factors in the process of distribution.Consumers can also detect problems through the seal status.”Fu Longcheng said.Lai Yang, chief expert of the Beijing International Trade Center research Base, said that the new rules on food delivery sealing in Beijing have just been implemented, and even if they are not enforced, food delivery sealing is of great significance.On the one hand, takeout seal can improve consumers’ trust in takeout.On the other hand, if there are problems related to takeout, takeout seal can help clarify relevant responsibilities of each link to a certain extent.Although not all businesses currently seal for outbound sales, the popularity of takeaway seal will be increasing.As for the question of whether the increase of takeout sealing will increase the distribution cost, Fu Longcheng said that at present, the “sealing” of Beijing catering takeout is now a common practice of catering takeout, and it is also one of the methods for catering enterprises to ensure the safety of food delivered.This practice is not a new requirement, but the Beijing version of the Code incorporated existing operations into the standard text.From the perspective of standardized management, the vast majority of catering enterprises have consciously carried out takeout food sealing or sealing, in order to avoid malicious opening risks in the process of distribution, to minimize the risk of food safety involving enterprises and consumers.”It needs to be clear that the Beijing version of the” specification “for take-out sealing focus is that the sealing can not be restored once opened, to achieve the effect of sealing are acceptable, from the development of the industry will not increase the cost of enterprises.”Fu Longcheng said.Photo by Guo Binlu and Zhang Tianyuan, Beijing Business Daily