Dongying Kenli: Pen and ink fragrance Spring Festival wishes sent into tens of millions

2022-05-31 0 By

The public network, poster news reporter who was on probation Qing yu fan Dongying reported recently, thanks to the efforts of residency working group and the village committee will, dongying city people club bureau of labor inspection team division marshal zhi-ming jiang, calligraphy and painting research association vice chairman de-jiang li and DongZhang Village retired teacher Liu Junhua, Zhang Dianxiang five calligraphy lovers meet in street kenley DongZhang Village writing Spring Festival couplets for the villagers,Send New Year’s greetings and good wishes to thousands of families.As a Chinese saying goes, “Spring is not made without alliance, but even stronger with alliance.”Red Spring Festival couplets, will be thick affection, sincere blessing poured into the lines, with the vision and yearning for a better life in the New Year.After a while, a fresh and fragrant red festival couplets in front of the villagers.Villagers face filled with a happy smile, happily said: “The New Year is coming, in the past is to catch the Spring Festival to the market to buy Spring Festival couplets, this year can receive their favorite Spring Festival couplets at home, our hearts warm!”Everything goes well and auspiciously, and every family is happy and healthy forever.” and “Spring is full of spring and happiness comes to the whole family.” A pair of ink-scented couplets are not only New Year’s blessings, but also exquisite works of art, conveying the flavor of the New Year and full of people’s good expectations for the New Year.Before the ink dried, they were eagerly taken away by the onlookers. The villagers were so happy that calligraphy enthusiasts wrote more than 80 pairs of Spring Festival couplets and more than 200 Chinese characters for “fu” for the residents in just one morning.The “pen and ink fragrance to welcome the New Year, blessings sent to tens of thousands of people” activities, in the promotion of traditional Chinese culture at the same time, for the villagers of Dongzhang Village to send a holiday blessing, not only sent a piece of truth, but also condensed the spirit of the village.In the New Year, Dongzhang Village will stay true to its original aspiration and make concerted efforts to build Dongzhang Village into a beautiful, civilized and livable new countryside, drawing a new chapter of rural revitalization!