Li Yinqiao is chairman MAO’s last guard commander, 15 years together, has been like relatives

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Silver bridge, when I am dead, you will visit me once a year on my grave, and I will be satisfied with one visit…These were chairman MAO’s words to li Yinqiao, a senior guard who was about to leave him, in April 1962.Li yinqiao served as a guard commander for Chairman MAO for 15 years.Li Yinqiao said yes while shedding tears.Chairman MAO passed away in Beijing on September 9, 1976.Li Yinqiao, who works in Tianjin, burst into tears when she heard the news.Since then, Li Yinqiao did not forget Chairman MAO’s instructions, and went to the Chairman MAO Memorial Hall to visit him every year on chairman MAO’s anniversary and birthday.Until Li yinqiao died in 2009.Li Yinqiao was chairman MAO’s last guard commander.15 years together, not only the relationship between superiors and subordinates, but also family relationship.When Li Yinqiao left, Chairman MAO wept.Because the feelings are deep, it is reluctant.