Ingratitude!No sooner had China allowed us officials to visit China than Joe Biden turned his back on us ambassador To China

2022-06-01 0 By

China granted visas to 46 US officials in one move, and the US made excuses to withdraw its diplomats from China in the next. There must be some hidden secrets behind this abnormal behavior.It is not difficult to see that the United States is not good at smearing China’s Winter Olympics, and its purpose is gradually emerging: to create trouble in the run-up to China’s hosting of the Winter Olympics in order to suppress China.It is understood that the United States in order to weaken the influence of China in the international arena, had been tarnish the Beijing Olympics, first they are good at “human rights” to contain China, trying to slow down the Beijing Olympics to progress, and then to Canada, Britain, Australia and other countries don’t sent officials to attend the Beijing Olympics, not to “face” in China.Fortunately, on the international stage, there are still many people who have seen through the US plot and have expressed their support for China’s Beijing Winter Olympics.South Korea, an old ally of the United States, set an example by sending “double representatives” to the Beijing Olympics, crushing the United States’ attempt to isolate China.Russian President Vladimir Putin has also made it clear that he will attend the Beijing Winter Olympics in person.The President of Kyrgyzstan expressed his strong support for the Beijing Olympic Games.Face ally, the United States is not openly against international, reluctantly sent representatives to attend the Beijing Olympics, and officials in the United States has just approved China visa, after the United States and “epidemic situation in China” as an excuse to prepare withdrawal of diplomats, figure this out, on the eve of the Beijing Olympics once again exposed the U.S. hostility towards China in effect for a long time.Comparing the epidemic situation of the two countries, the map of the United States, which is almost all marked in red, and China’s dynamic zero-quarantine policy, can be compared.Truth “outbreak in China” in the United States, bright eye knows that the epidemic is much worse than in China, according to statistics, the United States due to the outbreak of the death toll would have been more than 800000 people, if it is for protecting diplomats life security, then these diplomats, is actually safer in China, with Chinese outbreak as diplomats, left is to stand on his feet.The US criticized China’s “dynamic zero-response policy” while criticizing the epidemic. This move is not only out of line with common sense, but also ill-timed.China’s epidemic control is no better than yours?To criticize China’s quarantine policy from the perspective of the current EPIDEMIC situation in the United States is not to lose face.Moreover, China’s “dynamic zero policy” is not a recent policy. It seems strange to criticize a long-established policy now on the table.Recently, the UNREASONABLE behaviors of the United States against China have to be attributed to the international relations between China and the United States. China is rising, and the United States looks at it coldly. Therefore, the Policy of the United States against China has become to create public opinions in the international community, smear China’s epidemic prevention policy, and hit China’s international image.China should always be prepared for all kinds of unreasonable actions by the United States and take countermeasures when necessary to ensure the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.(Xu Qiang, Liu Xiaoqiang)