Revitalization and development took the lead in breaking through to see Changchun | Changchun agricultural products processing industry last year to achieve an output value of 64.54 billion yuan

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“Six city linkage” is important in the development of changchun, the revitalization of the swimmer and breakthrough, in the next five years, changchun will be “six city linkage” as the main way to strengthen project, platform and industrial collaborative layout, strengthen the key science and technology, talents, funds, strengthen the priority factor, policy, system, strengthen the production, life and ecology as a whole,We will build a powerful engine for making breakthroughs in revitalizing development.Among them, the “six city” clearly put forward the construction of modern agriculture in city, should be based on giving full play to the advantages of national important commodity grain base, drive the province in the central and western food safety belt, in gongzhuling national agricultural high-tech industries demonstration zone as the core, the linkage of elm, agriculture, teck whye build changchun food safety belt in the west and linkage with nine, changchun shuangyang to build characteristic agriculture industry area in the east,The city has built a 100-billion-grade agricultural product processing industrial cluster, with its grain output reaching 27 billion jin and beef cattle production reaching 3 million. A number of world-class brands such as corn, beef cattle and sika deer have been cultivated, and a national demonstration area for agricultural and rural modernization has been built.Changchun agricultural products processing industry last year achieved an output value of 64.54 billion yuan segmentation, bagging, packaging…Hundreds of workers are busy on the production line of jilin Dexiang Group’s broiler meat cutting workshop in Dehui city, Jilin Province, On October 10. One by one, the broiler products are being shipped to markets all over the country.”Broiler made into food on the table of the people, the added value to achieve the largest.”At present, DeXiang Group has completed the talent reserve, capital accumulation, pattern setting and brand building of the whole industrial chain of chicken.Now, they have a higher goal: they plan to expand the broiler industry to Jiutai District, rebuild a base of 100 million broilers, and enhance the value added of the whole industry chain.In recent years, the city has taken strong measures to promote the development of agricultural products processing industry, taking agricultural products processing industry as an important starting point for rural revitalization and high-quality development of agriculture and rural areas.In 2021, the city’s agricultural products processing industry showed a rapid development trend, the output value of agricultural products processing industry on the regulation reached 64.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.4%, and cultivated ten advantageous industries such as healthy food, corn chemical industry, high-quality rice, characteristic agriculture, feed processing, beef cattle, pigs, broilers, sika deer, and deep processing of agricultural and livestock by-products.Leading radiation to accelerate the construction of industrial clusters agricultural products processing industry not only to double the value of agricultural products, more driven farmers to increase income.”Many villagers have become rich in this way.”Speaking of broiler breeding, Dehui city farmers Liu Damin opened a chatterhouse, “order breeding broiler risk is small, chicken, feed, technology, sales are responsible for by the enterprise, save worry and save effort!”Such ease of worry, thanks to dexiang Group “grasp both ends, put the middle” business model.”The links with large investment and high technical requirements are carried out by enterprises, while the breeding links are carried out by farmers. The method of ‘guarantee base price + dividend’ is adopted to ensure farmers’ income.”Related person in charge of Dexiang Group introduced that through cooperation with third-party enterprises, the group also guaranteed loans for farmers, supported farmers to build standardized chicken houses, led more than 2000 farmers to raise 50 million broilers, with an average income of more than 100,000 yuan, and created two strong industrial towns, Buhai Town of Dehui city and Shanghewan Town of Jiutai District.In the process of developing agricultural products processing industry, the city has accelerated the cultivation of a number of leading enterprises as the lead, farmers’ cooperative organizations, family farms and farmers to comprehensively follow up, risk sharing, benefit sharing agribusiness consortials, leading enterprises group further expanded.At present, the city has 21 state-level leading enterprises, 141 provincial-level leading enterprises, 331 municipal and above key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, coFCO, Haoyue, Huzheng and other large agricultural products processing enterprises to form industrial clusters, accelerating the city’s advantageous agricultural products industrial belt and industrial cluster construction.Cofco, SDI Bio and other enterprises have developed a variety of products such as starch and starch sugar around the intensive and deep processing of corn.Haoyue, Huazheng, Chia Tai and other enterprises have developed beef cattle, pigs and broilers for intensive and deep processing of livestock and poultry, and made breakthroughs in the processing of by-products such as blood, bone and leather.Dongao, Shilu Deer Industry and other enterprises have developed deer biological active ingredient products, ginseng active ingredient products and other products based on in-depth processing of sika deer, ginseng and other specialties.Through introducing new technology and developing new products, the leading enterprises at all levels in our city have been accumulating momentum for the development of intensive processing industry of agricultural products.Different from the traditional rough processing and primary processing, the intensive processing of agricultural products is to reprocess its nutritional components, functional components and by-products, so as to realize multiple value-added.Dongao Deer Industry, located in Shuangyang District, has bid farewell to the initial processing stage of products through cooperation with scientific research institutes. “Our products are mainly intensively processed products such as tablets, oral liquid, substitute tea and solid drinks, and the output value increases year by year.”Dongao deer industry chief told reporters.As main position of agricultural product processing industry, the city will develop agricultural products deep processing industry as an important link, promote rural revitalization support enterprises to accelerate technological upgrading, equipment upgrades and pattern innovation, agricultural products processing enterprises one by one is converted from a single to the whole industry chain, to deep processing, promote agriculture quality efficiency, fusion, rural tertiary industry development to increase rural employment and rural incomes.Implement the strategy of “going global” and hold promotion activities of “Changchun Famous and Excellent Agricultural products” in large and medium-sized cities of China;Carry out “Changchun Famous and Excellent Agricultural products Brand” “Changchun regional public brand” evaluation activities;Organize agricultural products processing enterprises to participate in all kinds of national exhibitions……In recent years, The city has continued to promote the brand construction of agricultural products, and the visibility and reputation of Changchun agricultural products have been significantly improved.”Our products are now available in major cities across the country.”Yushu city Yuxiang bean products Co., Ltd. responsible person Zhao Qingshuang said, last year, “Yuxiang” brand was named “Changchun famous and excellent agricultural products brand”, high quality water, high quality raw grain, advanced technology, so that products sell well in the domestic market.At present, changchun has more than 3,000 agricultural products trademarks, and has successfully created a number of famous agricultural products brands inside and outside the province, such as Deda, Ahman, Guoxin, Zhu Lao Liu and Zhongzhijie.