Shanxi and oily meat

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(Wang Qingming) Jin dishes would be ugly without the support of oily meat.The practice of Shanxi cuisine is relatively simple, and it is difficult to compare with the famous cuisine, “Sichuan, Lu, Yue, Huai, Yang” and other cuisines cover frying, frying, cooking, cooking, rinsing and stewing techniques in one, so Jin cuisine is always unknown, only the oil meat is popular in the country, legend of Cixi escaped from the west occasionally after eating oil meat, it was full of praise.The cooking of fried meat in Shanxi is not complicated, and there are similar cooking practices in other parts of the country. Native Shanxi people are not proud of fried meat, but take steaming dishes as the highest standard of entertaining guests. Eight bowls of steaming steamer always exude an attractive aroma.As the name implies, ba Dish ba bowl is a simple name for eight cold dishes and eight steamed dishes.Eight dishes and eight bowls have different recipes in different regions, and the collocation of meat and vegetables has also changed. Even gaoping in southeast Shanxi Province differs greatly from Qi County and Taigu in the varieties of steamed dishes, but the basic style of giving up stir-frying dishes and focusing on steamed dishes echoes at a distance.In Ming and Qing dynasties, jin merchants were the masters of eight dishes and eight bowls of catering culture. On the basis of eight dishes and eight bowls, they expanded to twelve dishes and twelve bowls, eighteen dishes and eighteen bowls, twenty-four dishes and twenty-four bowls, and even thirty-six dishes and thirty-six bowls, according to the grand atmosphere of the festival and the level of the reception object.The general banquet is eight dishes and eight bowls.During the banquet, eight kinds of cold dishes were placed on the table early. After the guests left the table, the wine was filled with wine. Eight bowls of steamed dishes were served successively, including meat, balls, ribs, carp, potatoes and tofu.To the people’s homes, eight dishes eight bowls will be simplified into four dishes four bowls, generally speaking, roast meat a bowl, a bowl of balls, fried tofu and fried potatoes a bowl, a bowl of other favorite dishes, each bowl with cabbage or sea vegetables at the bottom, lift fresh in addition to greasy, both.In traditional societies, not everyone who comes from far away can eat eight dishes and eight bowls in time.A steamed dish that seems to be ready in a few minutes can actually take a day or even a few days to prepare.Taking Shanxi roast meat as an example, it is a very complicated process from material selection, boiling, oil and then soaking.Shanxi roast pork selects first-class streaky pork with distinct layers of red and white. It is simmered with scallion and ginger, cooking wine, Chinese prickly ash and aniseed until the skin is soft, then smeared with honey while it is hot and put into hot oil for frying.In the process of frying, in order not to affect the taste, it is impossible to take out the fire below, can only wait for the oil temperature to evaporate the water, “bang bang bang bang bang bang bang” sound gradually stop, after the pan calm can take out the meat.Only a brave man dares to face the din of the frying pan.Without draining, the oil collids violently with the juices in the meat, making many cringe with the splash of hot oil and loud noise, whether covered or open.Not all families make such preparations before Spring Festival.But in the past three streets and four lanes, the sound and aroma from time to time let the children have longing, his women, eyes are also full of hope.Convention is custom.No meat on the table left a year of regret.Men who didn’t normally cook began to wear old clothes and had to stand calmly in front of the frying pan, often shielding their children and loved ones from the kitchen and shielding their bodies from the boiling oil.It is a ritual that heralds the approaching Spring Festival even more than firecrackers.The moment the oil and water collide, the smell of meat will fill the whole courtyard, drifting away.However decided to meat taste good or bad and colour and lustre is tasted the key moment is just coming: fry the meat into just boiled meat Shang Shuizhong again, “rip”, after the flesh in Shang Shuizhong still maintained a high temperature and high temperature collisions, mutual relations between the impulse, swell gradually golden bubbles on the skin, presages a different experience and its glory.How long the fried meat stays in the soup is an open question.Experienced families will decide how long to marinate the meat based on how long it takes to cook, and the texture and taste will all depend on that time.Even experienced cooks are unavoidably scalded by hot oil.Spring Festival holiday, men will take one or two drill painstaking-starting a fire with everyone to share the festival.The roasted meat is cut into thin slices as thick as coins and steamed evenly in bowls. The slices of roasted meat on the table are smooth, delicious and fat, and not greasy. The meat slices are translucent and melt in the mouth.In the same way, he usually prepares in advance if he knows an important guest is coming.If uninvited guests drop by and there is no time to make eight dishes and eight bowls, the only options are stir-fried pork and other dishes.The randomness of stir-frying contrasts sharply with the complicated preparation process of steaming.Traditionally, oily meat needs to be marinated in meat oil or egg cooking wine for more than one night. This process can be long or short, or simply ignored.This is another oil fire dialogue, heat oil to be just, hang the meat of starch in pan slowly turned white yellow, from soft to elastic, become lets a person lick one’s chaps, out of the pot after high temperature hot oil in the second pot, meat tender, alcoholize quickly forms a closed space in starch, fresh fragrance from the bottom of the pot spread quickly, in black agaric, green peppers, red radish, white yulan,However, the fried meat is too hurried, without the busy ceremony before the Spring Festival, and the sonata of POTS and pans in the kitchen can hardly appease the guests.Only 8 dishes 8 bowls, the steam of steamer steamer is warm the snowflake of whole winter, the wind is affectionate, water is smiling, the sincere way that treats guest is concealed in shanxi dish food, the human world fireworks gas is to depend on silent place to listen to jing lei.(Original by author)