Black box operation!A number of international players to join the port, Taishan team was dug up after the wall was cut hu

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Football association for three consecutive years of “salary cut order”, also let the domestic players from ten million annual salary to the maximum salary of 3 million.Of course, after the poor performance of the Chinese national football team in the preliminary round, everyone is basically supportive of their continuous salary cuts.But in this context, Shanghai Harbour team has been able to continue to bring international players into the team, which can not help us for the surprise!At the beginning of the national football team in the enclosure to assist Li Xiaopeng’s teaching assistant candidate, Sun Xiang took advantage of his teaching assistant position, through the black box operation to 3 times the annual salary to lure the international players to join, which taishan Team Xu Xin did not resist the “sugar-coated shell” attack.At the beginning taishan team and Xu Xin signed a 1+4 contract, originally is the priority to sign the right.And after winning the double with the team, it is believed that the negotiations between the two sides will be very smooth.But did not think, Xu Xin in the national football team training, but by others malicious poach.Under the background of salary reduction, Seaport can only provide xu Xin with a maximum salary contract of 3 million yuan, but do not forget the “smart” of SIPG in dealing with the Oscar, what product endorsement fee or club position are arranged for you clearly, the annual salary of more than 10 million is like playing.In the taste of strong dig Xu Xin’s success after the sweet head, the harbour turned to the target on other players.It is certain that Dai Weijun, who has a one-year contract with Shenzhen, is likely to join Shanghai Seaport as a free agent.Seaport will also have the news of joining international players, their negotiations with Jiang Guangtai and Zhang Linpeng have also come to an end.For Shandong Taishan team, xu Xin was poached, they turned to the target of other international players.But compared with the harbour team, Taishan team competitiveness is obviously insufficient, at the beginning of the phase of the player is not driven up the price, is cut hu.Therefore, taishan team is not clear candidates for internal support, is afraid of some clubs black box operation.However, according to the situation we know, Liao Lisheng has reached an agreement with Taishan team, the two sides will sign a 1+4 contract.(Author’s statement: this article is xiaopeng sports world exclusive original first, shall not be reproduced and copied, offenders will be corrected, thank you for your cooperation)