Desire!The two guangzhou districts announced that these students can arrange public degrees as a whole

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Nandu news reporter Liang Yanyan Ye Siming good news!To guangzhou personnel with children meet certain conditions, can obtain overall arrangements for public degrees.Recently, Yuexiu district and Haizhu District of Guangzhou announced the implementation rules of compulsory education enrollment for children of migrant workers to Guangzhou. If you apply for a “Residence Permit in Guangdong Province” for five consecutive years, and have a legal stable residence in the area and have lived in the area for five consecutive years,And the children of immigrants who have paid social insurance (one of the insurance types) for more than five years in guangzhou and have legal and stable jobs can arrange public degrees as a whole.Yuexiu: there are 11 public elementary school student status in the area with term overall arrangement in the yuexiu district public junior high school to guangzhou personnel trailing referred to in the detailed rules for the implementation of children, is to point to have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, the household registration for guangzhou to guangzhou personnel outside the school-age children) (hereinafter referred to as “trailing” children, do not contain the compulsory education stage policy to take care of the students in guangzhou.Anyone who meets one of the following conditions can apply for a public degree for grade 1 of primary school and Grade 1 of junior high school in Yuexiu District.Residence permit in yuexiu district guangdong province “five years in a row, now has a stable legal residence and yuexiu district has lived five years in a row, and shall pay social insurance in accordance with the law in guangzhou (one is planted) accumulate full five years and in pay, a stable legal profession to guangzhou personnel trailing children (if the applicant or their spouse have in yuexiu district of guangzhou city real estate,You should apply for residence permit in the place where the house is located and apply for points for admission to the district where the house is located.The children who live in Yuexiu District and have been engaged in landscaping, municipal construction, disinfection industry, urban management service, and service management of people who come to Guangzhou for more than two consecutive years and have paid social security for more than two years in the service units.The applicant shall provide the certificate of continuous employment in relevant departments of Yuexiu District (issued by Yuexiu District Construction and Water Resources Bureau for those engaged in municipal construction;Issued by yuexiu District Forestry and Parks Bureau for those engaged in landscaping;Engaged in disinfection industry, urban management services, to guangzhou personnel service management work issued by the sub-district office).He is now living in Yuexiu District and has won the title of “Good Citizen of Guangzhou” and the title of “Good Landlord (Good Neighbor)”, “Good Employer” and “Good Employee” of the most beautiful yuexiu District in 2016-2021.Applicants who win the title of “Good Citizen of Guangzhou” should provide certification materials;Applicants awarded the title of “Best Landlord (Good Neighbor)”, “Good Employer” and “Good Employee” in Yuexiu District from 2016 to 2021 need not provide proof materials, and will be examined by relevant functional departments of yuexiu District.The applicant’s children have more than 11 semesters (including 11 semesters) of school status in public primary schools of Yuexiu District and apply for the first-grade degree of yuexiu District junior middle school.Public primary schools in Yuexiu District do not need parents to provide the student status certification materials, which are issued by the school and centrally provided to the relevant audit departments.In addition to the children who are accompanied by the above guaranteed admission conditions, other children who are accompanied by the migrants to Guangzhou can apply for the public degree of grade one of primary school or junior high school through the point system, and the points applied for admission are subject to the points approved by the municipal point system.Applicants who meet one of the following application conditions can submit their applications in the Points Admission system: They have applied for the “Residence Permit of Guangdong Province” in Yuexiu District for at least one consecutive year, and now have a legal and stable residence in Yuexiu District and have resided continuously for at least one year.The applicant has applied for the “Guangdong Province Residence Permit” in Guangzhou for more than one consecutive year, now has a legal and stable job in Yuexiu District, and has paid social insurance (one of the insurance types) in Yuexiu District for more than one year in total and is still paying.Recently, the People’s Government of Haizhu District, Guangzhou, issued a notice on the implementation plan of the points-based admission system for children of migrants from Haizhu District to Guangzhou.It mentioned that: in accordance with the haizhu district continuous living for 5 years, pay social insurance premiums (one of the types of insurance) for 5 years, have a stable occupation to guangzhou personnel accompanied children to arrange public school degrees.According to the principle of “points priority, combined with voluntary, overall arrangement”, the district Education Bureau will distribute the degree through the computer system.When the applicants have the same score, they will be admitted according to the index name of “Guangzhou Personnel Points System Service Management Index System and Score Table”.If the applicant’s accompanying children are not admitted by the voluntary schools according to the above rules, the system will automatically arrange the degrees of the schools that have not enrolled in the enrollment plan under the premise that the applicant agrees to make overall arrangement of degrees.Applicants who do not agree to co-ordinate their degree will not be accepted.What are the requirements for applicants to Guangzhou to apply for haizhu District Points System for their accompanying children?According to Haizhu District, the requirements for applicants to Guangzhou to apply for the points system for their children are as follows: applicants must have lived in Guangzhou legally and stably and hold a valid Guangdong Province Residence Permit for at least one year, and must meet one of the following two conditions: 1.Legally and stably reside in Haizhu District;2. Employed (started a business) in Haizhu District and participated in one of the insurance types of endowment insurance, social medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance, and still paid when applying for the point-based admission system.At the same time, their accompanying children must meet the following requirements: The accompanying children who apply for the points system to enter the first grade of primary school must be at least 6 years old and under 7 years old, and have not entered the school;The accompanying children who apply for admission to grade 1 of junior secondary school under the points System must be the current year’s primary school graduates.In addition, the legal stable residence refers to one of the following conditions: haizhu district property rights housing;In haizhu district legal rental housing, has been in the street to ear personnel and rental housing service management department registration.