Perfect world: the realm of willow god is immortal king or quasi immortal emperor, the strength of the king of the words of the poet how strong LAN

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This several days in the comments section to see a lot of interesting comments, some of the comments was quite good, may be the reason for the novel too much to some readers, easy to string the plot of the novel to another novel, can appear some novel no thing, and some string fanfic and one day to come over, these are present or fan fiction,Some of it is a supplement to the loopholes in the original novel, and some of it is nonsense. Most of it has nothing to do with the original novel. If you read too much, you will get confused.I’ve seen a lot of comments, mostly some misunderstanding of the original plot, also not say misunderstanding, it should be said that, after all, everyone reading a novel ways and habits are different, more or less will be overlooked a little detail, like I would prefer to see ebook, saw don’t like the chapters and rapid speed, so there may be some detail problems I can’t see,What you write can be skewed.Today, we are going to discuss some interesting questions in the book. I will put forward my opinion, and you will put forward your own, and we will exchange opinions.The first of the realm of god is the king of fairy or quasi immortal emperor, liu god is arguably one of the most popular characters in a perfect world, people like her should feel better than less, like waste sent willow border and didn’t say it at the beginning, god only know that she is the ancestor of the ancient and the spirit, because the attack on the king of fairy land in lightning thunderstorm weather bath stone village, is the stone village spirit,Some people say that the Willow god is the absolute immortal king, and some people say that the Willow God is the quasi-immortal emperor. So, what is the realm of the Willow God? I think it is definitely not the quasi-immortal emperor.First, willow in fairy GuJiYuan god nine into nine out in different region, if she is the immortal emperor, also make a fart in the foreign country, directly by liu god destroyed, late second god into the door of the original, several nirvana, activate the force of nirvana, strength reached a horrible state, also didn’t say how terror, anyway, she passed the sea, at this time of god is stronger than most of the fairy king,Emperor, but definitely not allowed, which finally Shi Hao war three fairy emperor, willow blends quasi immortal emperor, the fire god, immortal emperor residual bone, small tower fusion into ten floor tower, feather emperor two people teamed up to war, the result of god were finally struck, small tower was break, from here you can see, willow is definitely not immortal emperor, god or not and small tower is but another fairy emperor,If liu God’s realm is quasi-immortal emperor, she will not be killed by yu Emperor, she alone can fight yu Emperor.Second peaceful how strong, calm is the immortal king of exotic, is also a popular villain, mainly SaoHua he said too much, what the top of a fairy, and such, I calm will one day, even if one hand entrusted poles apart, so calm I unmatched in the world, later Shi Hao became immortal emperor, one is struck calm, may be calm said SaoHua too much,Cause everyone to his strength is not concerned about, think he is very powerful, so, how the strength of LAN.Calm the strongest record should be found ten to nine days, in the book, I saw a detail, calm, and one of the ten fierce dragon war is described in the book, a calm was a real dragon tail, arm broken, when a loud, YuTuo weapons are African torn, the dragon is the first of ten fierce one person can play two the immortal king, or more, the book says,Fight with the dragon of the immortal king of more than one, even a red king, but injured only peaceful and YuTuo, the strength of the dragon king of fairy, once cast the dragon treasure, dozen two the immortal king should be no problem, see from here, peaceful strength should be less, probably in the general level of the immortal king, definitely not too high,That is the immortal King’s strength at the bottom of the kind, every fight he is the vanguard, the real strength of the people behind, but he should be a little stronger than the Fairy King, because he spear killed one of the ten evil angel ant, the strength of the angel Ant is close to the fairy King realm.Third foreign land has quasi-immortal emperor Lao Zu, I remember someone said liu God is quasi-immortal emperor reason is this, liu God nine into nine out kill into foreign land, she is quasi-immortal emperor, but there is no group to destroy foreign land is because of the existence of quasi-immortal emperor, just also said, Liu God is not quasi-immortal emperor, according to the fans said,They mean that later and shi Hao war of the four quasi fairy emperor is the old ancestor of the foreign land, this seems to be the book is not clearly said, total can not be because these four dark quasi fairy emperor, they say they are the ancestors of the foreign land.Said although the origin of artifact created the immortal king and buried the king in the land of burial in the foreign country, but the four men were not immortal emperor, dark is the immortal emperor to get a promotion, take the initiative to fall into a dark, among other things, destroyed the old man’s ontology is nine you mastiff, he is the ancestor of deep and remote mastiff nine, nine you mastiff is fairy domain side groups, and meets the emperor is the builder of the ancient kingdom, for the first time in Shi Hao saw the dark heaven,There are many bones were offered fairy king, king of fairy, that meets the emperor is not a foreign one party, or is the immortal king’s bones, the other two feather emperor and hong king, he doesn’t mention two origins, big probability nor exotic, although said that artifact created the foreign origin, but you have to say this a few fairy emperor is the ancestor of exotic, is feeling,After all, the origin of these two people has nothing to do with foreign countries, so if so, there are quasi-fairy emperors buried there.That is recently saw three interesting comments, write so much, that is to chat my opinion of the three reviews, I also said, reading habits of people, will have to see the leakage place, detail will not necessarily note that there may be some place I overlooked, so you said is right, you can say, we discuss together,Make a casual comment.Today I also saw an interesting comment, willow god and the Lord of the forbidden area will not all the ten fierce law, by the way also write out your opinion, welcome everyone in the comments section to communicate and discuss, civilized comments.