Shaanxi Langao: the procuratorial public hearing held in the village was praised by the villagers

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Justice network ankang, March 15 (reporter Ni JianjunCorrespondent Wang Chuanbo). “the public hearings into rural farm, will the people evaluate the introduction of case law, pay attention to carry out the rule of law education, is the prosecution case into the ‘321’ grassroots governance mode of a new move, is also the procuratorial organ to move procuratorial work, service for the overall situation, the embodiment of justice for the people, have played an important role in education to handle a case a.We villagers are very appreciative!”On the afternoon of March 14, Shaanxi Province Langao County procuratorate in Chengguan Town MAO Ping village committee held Chen some theft case not to prosecute the public hearing, MAO Ping village villagers on behalf of the masses praise langao County procuratorate.The parties involved in maoping village XXL is a small truck driver, on June 4, 2021, Chen received its uncle dealt with by () call, let its driving a van carrying things outside the AnLan high-speed bid a workshop, the XXL one knowing goods source, due to an uncle, take any chances, then help his uncle put stealing items outside the factory in the loading away.When the case is transferred for examination before prosecution, langao county people’s procuratorate by repeated visits to undertake attorney XXL a residence village cadres and the villagers the masses, understand the XXL one was poor, his mother for secondary disabled, two children are at school, family economic difficulties, XXL one did better at ordinary times, cases occurred after truthfully confesses, pleaded guilty to repent, residence village cadres are request to massesChen mou is dealt with leniently according to law.The prosecutor through the review of the case file, visit investigation, that Chen mou crime is minor, with a confession of punishment, surrender, to obtain the understanding of the victim unit, such as lightening, lighter punishment circumstances, can be made relatively unprosecuted.To deepen the implementation of criminal judicial policy of tempering justice with mercy, services and help the country revitalization, langao procuratorate decided to hold a public hearing in XXL one seat, invite committee, the town people’s congress, the people’s supervisor and XXL one live mesh, head of the town, comprehensive management of public, murdered units on behalf of, members of the village two committees, residency, first secretary of the will and the policemen, lawyers involved in public on dutyThe hearing.Hearing, undertake the prosecutor to XXL one suspected of theft crime fact, draft relative decided not to indict reason, village cadres on behalf of the masses is XXL one daily performance situation are introduced, the hearing officer has carried on the objective and fair evaluation, agreed that procuratorial organ to the XXL one relatively not to prosecute, and legal issues in the law enforcement of procuratorial organ widely listen to societyThe opinions of the circle, the law, reason and sentiment are integrated, and the practice of comprehensive evaluation of the case is affirmed.The suspect Chen said at the hearing, “I am grateful to the procuratorate for the profound education of the rule of law to save me and give me a new chance to turn over a new leaf. I am grateful to the victims for their understanding of me. I will be a law-abiding citizen in the future…”Source: Justice Network