The man violates the law to stop, traffic police a check unexpectedly walks a crutch to drive!

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At 10:40 in the morning of February 8, yanshan traffic police brigade city west squadron police is yanshan County people’s Hospital in the city section of traffic diversion, a car drove to the county hospital inpatient department of the east gate suddenly stopped, police will come forward to persuade away.Driver Zhang said to enter the parking lot parking, police in coordination with the hospital staff learned that the parking lot is full, they advised it to drive away, find another parking space, but the car refused to leave.The police asked the car driver to show the motor vehicle license, driving license, Zhang was reluctant to provide.Immediately, the police asked it to get off with the inspection, when the cab door opened, the scene police was surprised, the driver Zhang actually on crutches.The police then took the driver and vehicle to yanshan County traffic police brigade for further inspection.According to the inquiry, the driver Zhang was given 12 points on his driving license and suspended by the traffic police for hit-and-run in a traffic accident in 2019. His legs were also injured in the accident.From 2013 to 2021, he was punished by traffic police for serious traffic violations such as drunk driving, intentionally covering his license plate, failing to insure according to regulations, and hit-and-run in traffic accidents.Leg fracture driving a motor vehicle, itself hindering safe driving, what’s more, the current is in the Spring Festival travel rush, many cars, at the same time he is also driving during the driving license temporarily seized, road traffic safety situation poses a great threat, there is a huge potential safety hazard.According to the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other relevant laws, the police on the driver Zhang in the driving license to record 12 points, and in the temporary detention period is still driving the motor vehicle traffic violations, score, fine administrative punishment.