These 8 popular art majors have good employment prospects and are the most suitable for art students to choose!Colleges and universities to recommend

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After all take an examination of the school, everyone is preparing the college entrance examination seriously and as fine arts unripe character, can those major choose?Art Theory: Art History, Art Management Drama and Film And Television Design, Animation, Film and Television Photography and Production Fine Arts: Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Chinese Painting, Cartoon, Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration, Cross-media Art, Experimental Art DesignVisual communication design, environmental design, product design, clothing and costume design, digital media Art, public Art, Industrial arts, Art Design, Art and Technology, new media art, packaging design, ceramic art design/among so many majors, it will really make people confused and do not know what to choose.To recommend the general situation of the professional art professional art gave birth to the most popular, employment outlook analysis as well as the corresponding institutions recommend hope help is to choose professional partners 1 digital media art/professional profiles/digital media art refers to the use of a variety of digital, information technology, production of various forms of art, forms, including:Information art design, digital film and television art, computer animation, virtual reality, network art, electronic games, film and television advertising, online games, mobile media, digital audio, CG graphics, UI interaction design, etc.Digital media art is a relatively emerging major that emerged in China in the last decade. It covers a large area and is directly related to film and television advertising, CG illustration, animation design, three-dimensional design and other employment directions. Because most technologies are the forefront of the design field, the employment prospects are very good./ Graduates or graduates will work in high-end design companies, media companies (including publicity, planning and management of cultural enterprises), media, publishing, film and television departments;Civil service is also a popular direction for digital media art graduates;Some of them are engaged in teaching in colleges and universities. Generally speaking, the employment level is relatively high./ Recommend college schools/ nine academy, communication university of China, Beijing film academy, zhejiang institute of media and communications, Chinese opera institute, Shanghai theater academy and other film and television class colleges and universities, shandong college of arts and crafts, nanjing art institute, Beijing normal university, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, renmin university of China, Beijing jiaotong university, Beijing university of science and technology, soochow university, jiangnan university, donghuaBeijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, etc.2. Visual communication design/Major Overview/Visual communication design is the design conveyed to the audience through visual media. The main subjects I study include composition and typesetting, brochures, posters, DM, font design, etc., most or part of which rely on vision.And in the logo, typesetting, painting, graphic design, illustration, color and electronic equipment, such as two dimensional image representation./ employment prospects, in our life to the field of visual communication design, there are many, such as television, film, design, plastic arts, all kinds of building products, and various ICONS, stage design, text, etc., depending on the application of the industry is everywhere, many industries need to relevant personnel, due to the demand of the market, the industry has been the social hot industry.This is a very practical major, expressive force and creativity is very important, graduates can serve as graphic design, decoration design, effect design and other work in advertising companies, design companies, enterprise planning and design companies and other design departments;Can be engaged in art editing, photography, publication design, binding design and other work in the design department of publishing organizations, newspapers, magazines and other media and related design enterprises/recommend schools/ tsinghua university academy of fine arts, Beijing institute of fashion technology, central academy of fine arts, guangzhou academy of fine arts, China academy of fine arts, Beijing printing institute, nanjing college of art and communication university of China, jiangnan university, donghua university, Shanghai institute of visual art, shandong college of arts and crafts, tongji university, wuhan university of technology and hubei university of technology, etc.3 industrial design/professional profiles/industrial design means based on engineering, aesthetic, economics for industrial product design, industrial design involves psychology, sociology, aesthetics, ergonomics, mechanical construction, photography, color science, methodology, etc., is a comprehensive industrial products to beautify and functional disciplines.Industrial design is a popular major in recent years, but also related to the situation of today’s economic development, industrial design professionals in various industries are no lack of places to use, such as automobile, mobile phone, computer market, the enterprise is paying more and more attention to the problem of product industrial design.It can be said that industrial design has innovators to win, at the same time can win a larger and broader market, but also high income./ employment direction/industrial design graduates can be engaged in product design, indoor and outdoor environment and facilities design, product packaging, advertising design, graphic design, display design, display design, product research and development design, architectural design and research institute (the) or related businesses in the related part of the related design, research and management./ Recommended universities/Jiangnan University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Donghua University, Beijing University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Beijing Institute of Technology.Environmental design includes landscape, architecture, interior, and social science and natural science and environmental science. It is a relatively comprehensive design discipline architecture, while environmental design focuses on the design of a relationship.The major of environmental art covers the development from interior design in the past to today’s outdoor design, square design, garden design, street design, landscape design, urban road and bridge design and other all-round, multi-scope design fields need professional talents of environmental art design, the industry prospects are considerable./ One of the jobs I am interested in/engaged in is CAD drawing, which requires skilled use of CAD, PS and other computer software. You can work in architectural design, interior design company or start your own business./ Recommended institution/Guangzhou Academy of Fine ArtsTsinghua university academy of fine arts, Beijing institute of fashion technology, xiamen university, jiangnan university, central academy of fine arts, China academy of fine arts, Beijing forestry university, tianjin university, southeast university, tongji university, chongqing university, dalian university of technology, Beijing university of technology, wuhan university of science and technology, huazhong university of science and technology, Shanghai jiaotong university, xian building university, sichuan university, China university of geosciencesAnd so on.Fashion design is a general term, according to different work content and nature can be divided into fashion design, structure design, craft design, fashion designer refers to the line of clothing, color, tone, texture, light, space, artistic expression and structural modeling,Strong hand painting skills and artistic taste are also required./ employment prospects, as one of the most internationally competitive industries in China, in recent years, China’s garment industry is experiencing from the simple processing of generic to shift to develop innovative, unique design concept, to the original design of fashion designers are scarce, therefore, costume designer employment prospects is very considerable./ Be sensitive to fashion, suitable for garment factory or garment design unit, garment design and research work in textile, light industry, commerce, foreign trade and other sectors.Also engaged in fashion design teaching/recommended colleges/Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Donghua University, Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Jiangnan University, Zhejiang Sci-tech University, Soochow University, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Wuhan Textile University, Xi ‘an Polytechnic University, Dalian Polytechnic University, etc.Animation major belongs to drama and film and television science in art, which is a comprehensive art category.It is a collection of painting, cartoon, film, digital media, photography, music, literature and many other art categories in a form of artistic expression.In the professional learning process, students will learn basic animation knowledge and animation techniques, learn professional knowledge of drama, storyboard, audio-visual language and other professional knowledge, master relevant animation production software, and be able to complete the design and production of animation short films.Animation major can be roughly divided into animation director, animation design, digital animation and other professional directions.Animation companies, games, films, television, advertising production, film packaging and other industries are industries with potential for development, post-employment wages are considerable./ Recommended institutions/Beijing Film Academy, Communication University of China, China Academy of Art, Jilin Animation Academy, Zhejiang University of Media, Xi ‘an Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing University of the Arts, Southeast University, Nanjing Normal University, Shanghai University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, etc.7 jewelry design/professional profiles/jewelry industry as a kind of creative industries, not just in fashion design and production process on gift ideas, more should be in the integral style of the product and series product promotion concept, development towards the direction of the innovation, to develop more broader consumer market, the jewelry, unique innovative concept.Graduates majoring in jewelry design are suitable for professional design companies, jewelry processing factories, art collection and appraisal. Graduates can work in the fields of art design, research, teaching and management in educational, research, production and management units in the field of jewelry and art design/ China University of Geosciences, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Academy of Visual Arts.8 profile/professional product design/product design contains category is very broad, all kinds of artifacts related to the life there is the demand of the design, small, electronic products such as plates, forks and knives, to furniture, automobiles, ships, all kinds of machinery, etc., and depending on the nature and purpose of the product design is divided into many types, such as arts and crafts design and industrial design;Appearance design and structure design, etc.Nowadays, many enterprises have realized the importance of design, and the demand for design talents in all walks of life is increasingly prominent.Graduates who study product design can be engaged in many jobs: for example, they can be engaged in product development and design, display design and interaction design in textile, machinery, instrumentation and other industries;Also engaged in product development related media, printing, packaging, advertising, marketing and other research and management work/recommendation school/, jiangnan university, tsinghua university academy of fine arts, central academy of fine arts, donghua university, Beijing university of technology, dalian university of technology, zhejiang university of technology, Beijing institute of fashion, art institute, southeast university, nanjing university of science and technology, wuhan, chongqing university, shandong university, northwestern polytechnical university, southwest jiaotong university, guangdong university of technology, xi ‘an polytechnic university, hubei university of technology,China University of Geosciences, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Nanjing Forestry University, etc.In addition to the above routine very hot professional, there are experimental art, comics, cultural relics protection and restoration, new media art is also quite good.But no matter what major you choose, as long as you really love it, and are willing to pay for it, persevere, life will eventually live up to your efforts, come on!