These ancient sayings quoted by the general secretary show the beauty of spring

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Spring, all things unripe, thriving.The beautiful spring, let a person mood cheerful, the breath of spring, but also inspiring.In this beautiful spring, let us reread these ancient sayings quoted by the General Secretary, appreciate their cultural connotation, and feel the power of vigorous and upward development.”The east wind returns with spring, sending flowers on my branches.”At the 2015 Spring Festival Reunion, General Secretary Xi Jinping quoted an ancient saying to explain: The east wind has come back with the footsteps of spring, urging the flowers and branches in my courtyard.Ancient source: Tang Li Bai, “Sunset in the Mountains” “Vegetation tendril hair, spring mountains are expected.”– At the 2017 Spring Festival Banquet, General Secretary Xi Jinping quoted an ancient saying to explain: “Vegetation spreads and grows in spring, and you can enjoy the mountain scenery in spring.Archaic source: Tang Wang Wei, “In the Mountains and Pei Xiucai Di Book”, “Yang and Awaken insects, all things are spring.”At the 2018 Spring Festival Greetings, General Secretary Xi Jinping quoted an ancient saying: “The warm spring breeze awakens animals that have been dormant for the whole winter, and everything that has recovered is full of vitality.Ancient source: “History of Song · Yue Zhi seven” Spring and autumn, old things feng Cheng.– In a year of harvest, flowers bloom in spring and fruits are harvested in autumn.Ancient sources: “Chun Hua qiu Shi” from Jin Chen Shou “Three kingdoms · Wei Zhi · Xing Yong Biography”;”Old things feng Cheng” from song · Ouyang Xiu “Feng Leting Record” God rewards those who work hard, force ploughing not bullying.”As long as you work hard, you will reap, and life will never deceive me.Ancient source: Jin tao Yuanming, “Two Migrations”