What good is it for a man to have a wife?

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1, can pass on the family line, China has a saying from ancient to modern, there are three unfilial, no descendants is the greatest.The key is deeply rooted in the Minds of the Chinese.2, meet the physiological requirements.This primal need is inescapable and everyone needs it.If there is no this thing, certainly suffocating afflictive, married it is convenient, every day in a piece, think what to want when to want.National law has provisions, prostitution is illegal, with illegal way to solve the physiological needs is a certain risk, and also to spend money, of course, marry a wife also want to spend money.3, accompanied by someone, “less is a husband and wife, always with”, man is a group of animals, a person alone, very uncomfortable, must be accompanied to be able to feel comfortable.4, there are many life chores need to do in life, two people partner, a man and a woman, the man is suitable for physical work, the woman tidy up some housework, do some careful work, so that you can complement each other, life more mofa and satisfaction.Men and women working together is not tiring.5, personal will encounter difficulties in life, a person is sick, another person can take care of, with each other care, it can protect their lives better, 6, in the life hard to avoid all sorts of trouble and distress, two personal life together, have a talk to object, also can get comfort from love, this is also one of the reasons that the people need to get married.The marriage of two families can form a strong alliance, which can strengthen the social status of the two families and make their social status more solid. This kind of marriage relationship also makes the relationship between the two families more solid.Men like women’s beautiful, women like men’s handsome, two people married, see in the eye every day, feel very comfortable.After marriage, two people urge each other, take care of each other in life, so that the man cultivate the sense of responsibility to his family, but also can quickly make two young people become more mature.Life has become more disciplined.Marriage is a common phenomenon in society. If you are single for a long time, others will think you are poor and have no family. Under such social pressure, some people choose to get married.Parents arrange to get married, get married, oneself also did not carefully consider.When you reach a certain age, everyone gets married. It’s strange that you don’t get married