A total of 185,000 mu of Yuexiculan tea has been picked

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As temperatures rise, 185,000 mu of Yuexi Cuilan tea has been picked in yuexi County, making tea farmers the busiest time of the year.In the ancient fang township high shanjian tea base, tea farmers in accordance with the standards of yuexicui blue pick fresh leaves.Yuexi county is a key tea producing county in China, with 185,000 mu of tea gardens and an annual output of dry tea of more than 10,000 tons, tea has become the home industry of thousands of families in the county.Tea picking in the tea season is an important source of income for local people.Yuexi county due to the larger altitude drop, tea picking period before and after the span is long.The low-altitude areas have been mined in February, and the high-altitude areas generally open in late March and early April.Yue Xi Cui LAN was created in 1985, because of its beautiful shape, buds and leaves connected, natural stretch, like a small orchid named, is a national geographic indication product.Yuexi county in recent years, increasing YueXi cui LAN brand construction, do the best to do bigger and stronger tea industry as an important gripper achieve rural revitalization, from the layout optimization, the processing and upgrade, brand building, marketing aspects of precision, as a whole to promote the tea industry chain all green high quality development, drive the tea area tea farmers “because of rich tea, because tea”.(Wu Chuanpan Chuxiang)