Haidian District Bureau of Ecology and Environment actively carried out noise special law enforcement action

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Air conditioning outdoor units have been transferred work area Bureau of Ecology and Environment/provide the picture When it comes to noise, we say it is big or small, but the people we meet are really troubled and suffering unspeakably.Since this year, focusing on key periods and areas, the district Ecological environment Bureau has actively carried out special law enforcement actions on noise, striving to create a quiet and comfortable working and living environment, and effectively improving residents’ sense of gain, happiness and security in the ecological environment.Up to now, a total of 536 noise-related units have been inspected, and 96 cases of noise nuisance complaints have been handled immediately, with the settlement rate reaching 100%.Cure diseases have a good “heart” the ground of the people “what we mean by noise pollution, it is to point to more than noise emission standards or are not in accordance with the prevention and control measures of noise, and interfere with other people’s normal life, work and study, concrete can be divided into industrial noise, construction noise, traffic noise and social living noise four classes.”It is known that long-term exposure to noise pollution will not only damage hearing, but also cause symptoms such as insomnia, memory loss and even neurasthenia, seriously affecting normal life and health.In view of this “chronic disease” noise disturbance, what are the solutions of the district Ecological environment Bureau?”The restaurant downstairs is open at four in the morning, and their roof is broken and they can’t sleep because of the buzzing and banging every day!”After receiving residents’ complaints, the district ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement team quickly rushed to the catering unit.”After thorough inquiry and careful investigation, we found that the unit is due to the recent roof maintenance, the removal of sound insulation materials in the top wall, resulting in unable to block the noise generated by the exhaust fan operation.”After law enforcement personnel coordination and supervision, the unit quickly installed sound insulation cotton and other sound insulation materials in the wall, completed the noise reduction work in a timely manner.After feedback, the residents said that the noise disturbance has disappeared and they are very satisfied with the effect of the rectification.”One side of my residential building is a certain building, the outdoor machine next to the building does not have any noise reduction facilities, the noise is almost straight towards us!”According to residents’ descriptions and experience, law enforcement personnel of the district ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement team locked the location of the outdoor unit in the first time. After investigation, it was found that the central air conditioning outdoor unit of a catering unit produced noise when it was opened, which directly affected the daily life of residents on the opposite side.Law enforcement personnel jointly with the local street town, building property, restaurant units to carry out on-site coordination for many times, and finally formulated a solution to adjust the location of outdoor air conditioning units.After follow-up follow-up visit, the transfer of air conditioning outdoor units has been completed.’Much quieter!Residents said the “heart-wrenching thing” that had been troubling them for a long time was finally settled.Play a good “combination of fist” also living environment to quiet noise environmental pollution as the focus of the People’s Daily production, life, hot issues, has been the concern of the people, complaints, reflect more frequent practical problems.To this end, the district Ecological environment Bureau actively practices the purpose of serving the people, effectively hit the noise pollution control “combination fist”.Focus on key points and strengthen the investigation of noise pollution sources.During the special law enforcement action, the District Ecological environment Bureau opened the full-time law enforcement mode, took the initiative to inspect the main noise sources around the concentrated residential areas, focused on cracking down on illegal acts of exceeding the standard of noise in industrial and social life, urged relevant units to strictly implement noise pollution control measures and effectively reduce noise emissions.Rapid response, deepening the implementation of the immediate handling of complaints.Actively open complaint channels, anxious people anxious, XieMin of sorrow, in handling process to ensure that the first indirect pieces, the first time to attend, and for the first time to deal with, and solve the masses feel strongly about noise nuisance problems, at the same time focus on the noise repeated complaints, analysis summary case law, increase the intensity of review of retest, driven by v. namely do not v. do first.Coordinate efforts and actively carry out joint law enforcement.Strengthen the communication with related departments, in consultation with the street town, further clarify the environmental noise pollution regulatory focus, regulatory objects and division of duties such as content, through the department on the working mechanism of linkage, should strengthen overall on the social life, construction, transportation, industrial noise sources such as daily supervision and management, improve the response rate to solve the problem of noise nuisance, resolution rate and satisfaction.In the next step, the district Ecological environment Bureau will earnestly strengthen the prevention and control of environmental noise pollution, adhere to the classification of all kinds of problems, precise measures, strict law enforcement inspection, strengthen the coordination of departments, safeguard social public interests, and create a more peaceful and comfortable living environment for the people.(Reporter Gao Yuchao)