Nanning cell phone signal weak?It turned out that someone was “playing tricks”.

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Recently, nanning some area residents found his cell phone signal is weak by communications company staff check unexpectedly found 200 sets of mobile phone signal expanding equipment stolen on February 18, 2022, south lake public security bureau received a communications company staff report to the police, said his company in a village store two hundred cell phone signal expanding equipment stolen, value 1 million yuan,Request public security organ to investigate and restore the loss.In view of the major cases, called, south lake rushed to the public security bureau to investigate the entry-exit preliminary inquiry reporter learned that, after the device is a mobile phone signal amplifier, usually used in the underground parking lot or building professional equipment for the amplified signal remote corner, equipment has a professional staff responsible for installation and storage, outsiders don’t know to equipment, and it is difficult to implement the theft.In view of this, the police actively visit the police, return to the surrounding people, focusing on the scene environment to carry out investigation, comprehensive case detection work.In the cooperation of many police departments, through comprehensive research and judgment analysis, quickly locked suspect Agriculture.On February 20, according to the clues that have been mastered, the police handling the case in the north lake village some rental housing will be suspected of theft of the criminal suspect agriculture captured.After investigation, agriculture for the operator’s network signal repairman, because of income, disguised as communications operators staff fled to nanning city each district to steal mobile phone signal amplifier sold to the waste recycling station by jin sold profit.At the same time, the police search for line pursuit, in the chicken village beat off a receiving goods den, arrested suspected of hiding the crime of the suspect Liu, the scene was not sold mobile phone signal expansion equipment 40.At present, suspect agriculture mou, Liu mou already was taken criminal compulsory measure lawfully by public security organ, this case is being dealt with further in.Do you know what “three power” facilities are?”Three power facilities” refer to electric power, telecommunications and radio and television facilities.It includes transformers, transmission lines and towers and poles used to support transmission lines in the power department;Optical cables, cables, base stations for transmitting signals, storage batteries and other internal facilities of communication departments;Cable lines, closing routes, base stations, power supplies and other facilities of radio and television departments;Cable lines, closing routes, base stations, power supplies and other facilities of radio and television departments.In order to protect the “three electricity” facilities, nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau has made a popular science animation publicity video, showing the destruction of “three electricity” facilities to social production, people’s life, the development of science and technology.The video is accompanied by an interesting explanation, which is both easy to understand and entertaining. Check it out!Police tip: protect “SanDian facilities,” everybody is responsible for “SanDian” facilities is the national important infrastructure and social public facilities, and is closely related to national security, public interests, theft, destruction, “SanDian facilities” illegal and criminal activities, serious damage to the social and economic development and people’s normal production and living order, make the information communication and so on.Now “three electricity” has become an indispensable part of our life.Let’s strengthen our awareness of protecting the facilities, understand relevant laws and regulations, and resolutely crack down on the theft and destruction of the facilities.(Nanning Police)