The most incomprehensible event in the history of The Three Kingdoms is said to predict the future

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There are some things in life, his development is always beyond people’s cognition, people can’t understand, but the result makes you think it should be like this, for example, every time you wear white shoes, it will be rainy, but you think white shoes are easy to get dirty, dirty shoes on rainy days seem to understand.In the three countries also have such things, clearly make it conveniently can change history, but these people suddenly brakes, chose an unexpected development route, let history along the established trends continue, if you can read these ordinary people can’t understand things, so congratulations you, you have ability to predict the future.Why didn’t Guan Yu kill Cao Cao in the Battle of Red Cliff, Sun And Liu’s joint attack greatly reduced Cao Cao’s strength, then he was chased by Gan Ning, Zhao Yun and others all the way, if the trend continues, Cao Cao will be completely defeated sooner or later in the road to escape.Zhuge Liang had already calculated the fate of Cao Cao, so in the last pass of Huarong road put guan Yu, let guan Erye send this fierce hero on his way, also worthy of the reputation of Cao Cao.Said guan Yu a lance soldier again, be cavalry Cao boss natural Nemesis, this how can hit not win.Kingdom can thousand calculate calculate, not through friendship by guan yu, even if the present is the enemy, cao cao had given the grace of guan yu, guan yu is a particularly heavy friendship, heavy friendship by guan yu, or their own heart, can not in Cao Caoben should die gave him a chance, let cao cao to back home to have a good rest.If Cao Cao died in Huarong, the whole world would be fought between Sun and Liu. At this time, Liu Bei was not as strong as Sun Quan, so Sun Quan was bound to attack his former Allies, and then the whole world would be ruled by Sun.Do you think Guan Yu let Cao Cao go just for justice?Perhaps it was also calculated to this step, in order to maintain the balance of the world situation, to his eldest brother Liu Bei for development time.Cao Cao is good at everything, including writing poems, fighting and politics, but he is not good at collecting beautiful women and sometimes he misses important things because of beautiful women.At the time of the battle against Zhang Xiu in Wan Cheng, zhang Xiu had already surrendered. Logically, he could have let her family live, but Cao Cao did not know why.The Zhang Xiu that does not have face because of surrender originally some of spirit did not pass, surrendered to still make this, anyway it is one’s death is inferior to turn over dozen rise, also calculate dead have backbone, this next impulse did not think zhang Xiu still hit Cao Cao really ran, estimate battle countless Cao Cao how also did not think oneself can be defeated because of beauty this one.The battle lost a loss even if, Cao Cao also lost the dian Wei this member of the general, the last but for dian Wei sacrifice to save the Lord, defend the gates to help Cao Cao for the opportunity to escape, really let Zhang Xiu catch up with there is no later three points the world of things.How to think about this matter how to feel strange, obviously easy to win, because he has no small idea, also ended up being chased by the defeat of the result, this generation of hero should have such a confused time.But think about it, the world’s powerful generals are under Cao Cao, he gets the world is sooner or later, dian Wei’s death is also a hint that Cao Cao can not easily get the world?After this battle, Cao boss instantly awake, fighting to all buff, the quality of all the high, what temptation are not afraid of.Among The Three Kingdoms, the development of Cao and Shu depended somewhat on the influence of the Han Dynasty, while only Wu started from scratch and laid the foundation of several generations before the cause of Eastern Wu was established.Dongwu developing, is the most lamentable sun ce, who is an all-round talented person, has the ability to say, or pick out what’s wrong with the basic character, is one of the most unexpected sun ce died at the age of 26, under the assassin left in such a good age, if the person can live to be late and cao cao, liu bei, The Three Kingdoms is a what a wonderful sight.Especially between cao boss, two people as cavalry, one is auxiliary, an output, if two people together can not sweep the battlefield.Before his death, Sun Ce appointed Sun Quan as his successor. Even if the insiders of the Sun family had ideas, they would not be reckless. Not everyone could bear the charge of insurrection, which was the good point of ancient people.Although Sun Ce left early, he also left the curse of short life. Several of the governors of Eastern Wu were short-lived. The death of each governor was a fatal blow to Sun Quan.The death of Sun Ce was a great loss to The State, from which we can also see that the State was not a power that could exist and develop for a long time.Even if he wanted to rule the world, he just wouldn’t let him.When you first look at these things, they are bound to give you an irrational sense of both, but when you think about it, it seems that things are exactly the way they should be.If the parties in the three countries could see through what happened to them that they could not understand, would they be able to predict the future in advance, and would history really evolve in a way that no one expected?