Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index fell 0.76% for the week

2022-06-04 0 By

China News Service Hong Kong, April 8 (reporter Wei Huadu)Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index opened 141.45 points lower, the day’s trend repeated, up 63.03 points, or 0.29%, to close at 21872.01 points, the market turnover of HK $103.13 billion.For the week, the Hang Seng index lost 167 points, or 0.76%;The state-owned enterprise index fell 46 points, or 0.62%;The Hang Seng Technology Index lost 101 points, or 2.24%.On The 8th, Hong Kong stocks rose 1000, fell 866, closed flat 1001.Among them, large Internet stocks fell, bilibili 7.39%, Ctrip 5.49%, Kuaishou 2.43%, JD.com 2.11%, Meituan 1.76%, Xiaomi 1.64%, Baidu 1.6%, Alibaba 1.33%, Tencent Holdings 1.28%, NetEase 0.81%.Domestic property and property management stocks were stronger, with Country Garden Services up 5.11%, the best blue-chip performer;Yag Life Service rose 4.96 percent, Baolong Commercial rose 4.88 percent, Longguang Group rose 7.35 percent and R&F Real Estate rose 5.97 percent.Yip Shangzhi, chief strategist at Hong Kong first Shanghai Securities, said Hong Kong stocks continued to shake, and the cautious atmosphere in the market further intensified.For example, the market for the Federal Reserve is implementing the tightening policy, still show a high level of concern, rising debt interest rate will pose pressure on the financial market.On the other hand, housing stocks and property management stocks performed relatively well as the market anticipated further easing policies in the mainland.He also said that on the trend, hang Seng index still guarded above 21200 points support level, the stage stable state can still be maintained.In the past four weeks, Hong Kong stocks have recovered a lot from their lows. However, due to the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the US interest rate hike, high inflation and a weakening economy and other negative factors, it is estimated that the current resilience of Hong Kong stocks will still be limited. If they want to further bounce up, they need good news to promote.Source: Chinanews.com