In January 2022, six out of 10 districts and counties in Anqing City, Anhui province, saw their housing prices fall

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In January 2022, the housing prices of all districts and counties in Anqing City, Anhui Province were released, with 6 falling and 4 rising.Wangjiang county surpassed several major urban areas to become the district and county with the highest average house price of 9,381 yuan per square meter, while Tongcheng city had the lowest average house price of 6,219 yuan per square meter.(Below are the average prices, units per square meter).See if your area is up or down.Anqing City in January second-hand house prices fell than last month than last month up 1 Wangjiang County 93810.322 Yingjiang District 88960.163 Taihu County 88123.814 Qianshan 86991.445 Grand View area 84391.296 Yixiu District 79280.817 Susong County 73491.358 Yuexi County 69120.029 Huining CountyIn January, anqing City, Anhui Province, each district and county, as a whole is still in a stable state, stable in the decline.Anqing city is a central city in southwest Anhui province, housing prices are also higher than several surrounding cities.The permanent resident population of Anqing ranks sixth among the 16 prefecture-level cities in the province, and its GDP ranks fifth.To this, what do you think, leave your valuable comments.