The Human Resources And Armed Forces Department of Xingyi City, Guizhou province, launched a series of activities to encourage Chinese athletes in the Winter Olympics

2022-06-04 0 By

Since the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics is rapidly expanding.Taking advantage of the Beijing Winter Olympics, xingyi Municipal People’s Armed Forces organized militia to actively carry out a series of activities to cheer for the Olympic athletes.Between training sessions, the militiamen watched the pageantry of the games.Everyone also voluntarily, consciously picked up the hands of the brush, write blessings for the Winter Olympics, personally feel the strength of unity to welcome the Winter Olympics.Along with the strong atmosphere created by the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the militia members exercised happily and trained actively, cheering for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games with an upward spirit.”The Winter Olympics are being held in China. As a Chinese, we are very proud!We hope to cheer for the Winter Olympics in our own way and wish our Olympic athletes more success in the Games.”Xingyi city people’s Armed Forces political work section chief Li Wei said.(Zhu Guangxiao)