CAI Fu sauce bone house, wine is not afraid of alley deep

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CAI Fu sauce bone museum [rose][rose][rose][zan], in south China Square, east of the traffic company yard.On the west is Shandong Road.Opposite is the Construction Bank.The location is easy to find. Parking is available.The food tastes good, too.Especially bones, come not to eat a big bone, is useless.Therefore, it is a good place for friends to get together and family to have dinner together. Good restaurants are convenient for transportation, especially for the elderly.Especially during the pandemic.This restaurant is strictly guarded.[Thumbs up][thumbs up][Thumbs up] If someone is not suitable to come to dinner.Would rather not earn this money, nor relax the prevention and control of the epidemic.It is a restaurant with a positive energy concept.The waiters are also very good.[smelt][scatter flower][smelt] come have answer, ask have answer go have echo.So the waiters are very warm and human.# Dalian Toutiao # Things around you.[zucchini][scatter flowers][zucchini],