Golden State stars steal the show!Curry sends warm draymond to enjoy boos wiggins hits back-to-back half-court 3s

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Beijing time on February 20, James and Durant held an open practice before the All-Star game.Training, the Warriors three stars quite steal the spotlight.Curry was praised for bringing warmth to a sick 9-year-old, Green enjoyed the boos of the Cleveland crowd, and Wiggins hit consecutive half-court 3s that got Embiid, Towns, and Young talking.At the edge of the practice court, a young boy in a wheelchair caught Curry’s eye.He wore a Warriors no. 30 jersey and held up a poster board that read: “Steph Curry, my name is EJ, today is my 9th birthday.”Curry bent down to wish EJ a happy birthday, signed his poster board and got down on one knee to pose with a smile.As a quality icon, Curry’s move was lauded by the media and fans.Dream also posed for photos with the boy, but it was his interaction with local Fans in Cleveland that drew the most attention.Draymond, an All-Star but sidelined player due to injury, came to Cleveland anyway.He was booed when he showed up on the sideline, where, after all, the Warriors and Cavaliers’ perennial Finals feud lay.For the city fans of the boos, dream was quite enjoyed.He was caught waving at the fans, hoping they would boo louder, before smiling and continuing to chat with friends.”Why don’t they like me?I’ve only beaten them three times.”Wiggins, a first-time All-Star, showed off his range in practice, hitting back-to-back half-court 3-pointers that drew a lot of buzz from his all-star teammates.Embiid laughed and said, “Dude, you went to warriors and you became splash brother!Keep shooting threes!”Later in the clip, Trey Young chimes in: “So we got to go to the Warriors!”Towns added, “Get the secret of his 43 percent 3-point shooting!”Wiggins isn’t shooting 43 percent from 3-point range this season, but it’s close.So far this season, Wiggins is averaging 17.7 points and shooting a career-high 41.4 percent from 3-point range.