Heavy masterpiece “love bomb”, unwilling to stop the pace of continuous chasing the book

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Hao Linhai stands alone on the roof of a twelving-story building. He is ready to jump down from here to end his life.Hao Linhai is loving colleague Ye Mei deeply, but Ye Mei does not like him however.Hao Linhai is immersed in the pain of unrequited love deeply for this, cannot extricate oneself.Standing on the edge of the roof, Hao Linhai knows that as long as he steps forward again right now, he can be freed forever, and no longer have any thoughts and pain.Just then, a man’s voice came from behind Hao linhai. The man said, “You are going to kill yourself here!Will you do me a favor before you die?”Hao Linhai turned and saw a middle-aged man in a white coat standing behind him.The middle-aged man said that he had just developed a bomb, but it was a pity that he could not find anyone to do the experiment.He pointed to a button on the top of the small pink box and said, “You’re going to die anyway. Will you do me a favor?Let me see how powerful my research is.”This man is actually let Hao Linhai with a bomb to kill himself!Hao Linhai wry smile once, already all hope of he actually nodded to agree middle-aged man’s request.Hao Linhai took the small pink box from the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man stepped back more than ten meters and told him that he could press the button now. Hao Linhai did not hesitate to press his finger on the button.There was a loud bang and a cloud of pink smoke rose from the small box.Smoke in the city of the sky spread quickly, Hao Linhai abtrance between feel this city is producing tremendous change, can be produced after all how great change, he did not know.Excitedly, the middle-aged man shouted, “Success!I have done it at last!”Hao Linhai looked at himself unharmed and asked, “Why haven’t I died yet?Or am I dead and a ghost? ‘This middle-aged man just tells Hao Linhai, what he detonates just now is a “love bomb”, from now on all the people in this city will bid farewell to the suffering of unsolicited acacia from now on.That is to say, as long as you fall in love with the other person, the other person will be willing to accept your love.The middle-aged man looked at Hao in a daze and said, “Why are you still hesitating?Go and propose to the girl you love.”Two doubting Hao Linhai down from the roof, directly take a taxi to the flower shop to buy red rose Ye Mei.Flower shop business is extremely hot, many men and women are gathered here to buy roses.Hao Asked the boss curiously, “Why is your business so good?”The boss was too busy to look up and said: “Yes, I heard today to the jewelry shop to buy a diamond ring and to the civil affairs bureau to get the marriage certificate of the people also lined up.”Hao Linhai then noticed that the streets were full of wedding cars with flowers.What day is it today?Hao Linhai, holding a bunch of red roses in both hands, knocked uneasily at Ye Mei’s door.At the moment ye Mei opened the door, Hao Linhai knelt down on one leg in front of Ye Mei, blushing and saying, “Ye Mei, I love you!Will you marry me?”Let Hao Linhai absolutely did not think of is, Ye Mei actually delighted to take the red rose, said: “good!Let’s go get a marriage license.”Kneeling on the ground hao Linhai was stunned.In Hao Linhai in a daze, Ye Mei can’t wait to pull his hand, went outside.Twenty minutes later, Hao Linhai and Ye Mei have come to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.Even the diamond wedding ring ye Mei wore on her finger had been bought on the way.As the florist pointed out, there was a long line of people waiting to get a marriage license at the civil Affairs bureau’s marriage registration office.At this time, Ye Mei took out a mobile phone to call.”Dear, I will wait for you at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau,” she said excitedly into her mobile phone.Let’s get married today!”This, Hao Linhai more silly, don’t ye Mei want to marry yourself?Hao Linhai indissoluble ground ask: “you…Who did you call just now?You……Who are you going to marry?”Ye Mei exulted and said: “You love me, so I want to marry you!However, I love Zhao Xiaoqiang, so he is going to marry me today.”Hao Linhai felt his brain completely messed up, he did not know what happened before all things is how to return a responsibility.Soon, Zhao xiaoqiang drove to the civil Affairs bureau.More let hao Linhai surprise is, get off together with Zhao Xiaoqiang have another beautiful girl actually.Originally, Ye Mei love Zhao Xiaoqiang, Zhao Xiaoqiang love is with him get off the beautiful girl.That is to say, Zhao Xiaoqiang today with Ye Mei get marriage certificate at the same time, will also marry that beautiful girl.When Hao Linhai had been shocked by the great changes in front of him, the beautiful girl actually took a mobile phone to dial a dozen phone calls.After putting down the phone, the pretty girl said helplessly: “I can’t, there are too many men who fall in love with me.I must marry at least a dozen men today.”Hao Linhai felt his eyes a black, this society how suddenly become this way!This is ridiculous!Hao Linhai rushed to see the “Marriage Law” posted on the wall. Monogamy had been abolished, but now the free marriage system was implemented.And the “Marriage Law” also clearly stipulates that as long as one party falls in love with the other party, then the other party must unconditionally agree to the other party’s proposal.That is, unless both partners fall in love with each other, the number of members of a family will be expanded infinitely.Watching as dozens, sometimes hundreds, of new families formed.Hao Linhai a face of melancholy, he dare not imagine himself and Ye Mei married life will be what appearance.After more than two hours, Hao Linhai finally received that he looked forward to a long time, he and Ye Mei marriage certificate.This marriage certificate is very thick, because it has seventy-four names and photos on it.From this moment on, Hao linhai will accompany another 73 familiar and unfamiliar people to form a new family.Three life is a complete mess, in the wedding studio take wedding photos of the new people, more like in the shooting unit, group collective photos.Real estate developers also launched super-sized houses that are more suitable for new people to live in. It is normal for a house of thousands of square meters, or even thousands of square meters.The newlyweds who live in the wedding house are more like living in a hotel, or even in a supermarket!The first night of their marriage made Hao feel like he was going crazy, because 74 people had to sleep in the same big bed.When Ye Mei face with a happy smile greeted Hao Linhai to spend the wedding, Hao Linhai but a face of pain, squatting on the ground, hands holding his head muttering to himself: “seventy-four people together into the wedding……My mother!”The morning after their wedding, Hao Ran away.He went to the civil affairs bureau to ask for a divorce, but he ran all over the upstairs and downstairs of the civil affairs Bureau could not find a place for divorce.Again a dozen ask, Hao Linhai just know, the original now marriage law is not allowed to divorce…Three days later, the intolerable Hao Linhai again came to the top of the twelve – storey building, he was ready to commit suicide.This time it wasn’t because he couldn’t stand unrequited love, it was because he couldn’t adapt to the changed city.Just then, hao linhai heard a man’s voice behind him again. The man said, “Could you do me a favor before you die?”Hao Linhai turned his head and once again saw the middle-aged man wearing a white coat.Hao Linhai said with a bitter face, “Do you still have any bizarre inventions?Just take it all out.”The middle-aged man smiled and took out a small green box and said to Hao linhai, “After you press the button on the small green box, the city will be restored to its original state.In other words, you will still be in the throes of unrequited love.Because, ye Mei love that person is not you.”Hao Linhai bowed his head and pondered for a moment before reaching out to take the green box from the middle-aged man.Because, right now Hao Linhai had understood, love cannot be forced, love is the thing of two people originally.When the green smoke from the small box, quickly spread over the city, the middle-aged man instantly disappeared from Hao Linhai’s eyes.Hao Linhai was surprised to see that a lot of people gathered at the bottom of the building.The fire officers and soldiers had put a life-saving cushion on the bottom of the building, and a police officer was holding a microphone to hao Linhai, urging him not to kill himself.Hao stepped back from the edge of the building and bowed deeply to the firefighters who were preparing to rescue him. “Thank you!I’ve figured it out now. I’ll never do anything stupid like that again.I will live well!”After Shouting, Hao Linhai turned and ran downstairs.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!