Shijiazhuang Airport cooperated with law enforcement departments to purify the passenger transport environment

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“Black car” airport soliciting passengers, strictly check!Yanzhao Metropolis Daily news (Yandu rong media reporter Huyan Shi Cong correspondent Liu Yang) for several days, Shijiazhuang departments of joint law enforcement, severely crack down on “unlicensed cars” and taxi illegal business behavior.Shijiazhuang has carried out a series of measures to clean up non-compliant online car-hailing platforms and standardize the management of online car-hailing drivers, so as to promote the standardized operation of online car-hailing enterprises.On March 15, the reporter learns from shijiazhuang airport, joint of shijiazhuang shijiazhuang airport transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment airport brigade, airport public security bureau, set up a special “gypsy” management team, the normalized management of illegal network about car one sequence, “gypsy” assures soliciting disturbing the order of the airport public behavior, such as a trip for passengers to provide a safe and orderly environment.Law enforcement officers of the “black car” control squad carry out three regular governance actions every week, focusing on cracking down on “two stations and one” illegal taxi parade, and illegal solicitation of passengers by black car drivers in front of Terminal 2 station.During the control period, Shijiazhuang Airport closely cooperated with the traffic law enforcement team in obtaining evidence of videos and photos of illegally operated vehicles, and assisted the transportation law enforcement team in inspecting unlicensed vehicles, illegal cruise taxis and online ride-hailing vehicles in the field.Shijiazhuang Airport also uses terminal 2 LED display screens, sound amplification equipment, publicity display rack and other ways to remind passengers to take proper bus, do not take black bus.Through joint law enforcement, as of March 14, the city seized a total of 431 vehicles, 284 illegal punishment vehicles.Among them, Shijiazhuang airport to assist transport management law enforcement brigade to investigate illegal vehicles 50.Next, Shijiazhuang Airport will fully cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job of normalizing the “black car” governance work.Shijiazhuang Airport has reminded passengers that they should go to the official taxi waiting area at the airport and do not take “unlicensed taxis” or illegal taxis.If found that the taxi does not use the meter, forcible access to passengers and other behaviors, you can complain to the scene of the airport traffic law enforcement brigade, or call 12328 traffic law enforcement supervision phone, 0311-68137983 airport law enforcement brigade complaint phone, 0311-88027110 airport public security alarm phone, complaints or reports.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: