A nationwide crackdown on tombs?Rural “old graves” due to be removed, how is this?

2022-06-06 0 By

Now, the government has issued a new policy to clean up the tombs of the country, the rural “old grave” demolition deadline, this is what?Chinese people have always attached great importance to the inheritance of culture, especially important ceremonies such as marriage and funeral, which have thousands of years of history and are still preserved today.Among them, the funeral ritual is to bury the earth in peace, which is widely spread in rural areas.At the earliest time, the parents who received the body, hair and skin were buried in the earth. When they arrived, they were intact, and when they left, they were still dead.However, people gradually found the disadvantages of burial, such as environmental pollution, bacteria and viruses, so cremation will be used instead of burial.Eventually, however, the ashes are buried in the ground and a mound is built for future generations to worship.The reason why the country has to rectify the tombs nationwide, especially the “old graves” in rural areas for a deadline to remove, mainly from 3 points to consider.Firstly, with the growth of population and the rapid development of agriculture, there is a shortage of arable land in China, and funeral tombs occupy a lot of area, so the state should formulate relevant requirements for them.According to statistics, the area of a single tomb in China should not exceed 0.5 square meters, and that of a combined tomb should not exceed 0.8 square meters.Second, an enlarged grave would contaminate the soil.Some families are more exquisite, choose the tomb will ask people to see feng shui, and then determine the specific location of the tomb.In the past, most people would build their graves in the mountains or suburbs, but now the new era is coming, and many farmers are moving the graves of their ancestors to their own farmland.In fact, this measure is already encroaching on arable land use, and will also have a negative impact on soil and crops.Farmers need not worry. Moving graves is not for everyone, but for those who encroach on farmland.On the one hand, it is to save land resources, and on the other hand, it is easy to consent to management.It’s a good idea to move your ancestors’ graves to a cemetery. Now, it’s not just a few graves in a field, it’s next to a road, it doesn’t matter if you’re near your own home, but if you’re near someone else’s home, it affects someone else’s life.In fact, it is best to unify the graves in cemeteries, but it is difficult to carry out.Because of the construction time, some tombs have become dilapidated, and no descendants have claimed them. After a long time, no one dares to touch them.In addition, it is not convenient to move the graves of their ancestors to the cemetery, since most farmers choose the location of their graves nearby.Now, the country’s new rules, we have to proceed from the overall situation, to overcome some difficulties.Under the new rules, some farmers have moved the graves of their ancestors to cemeteries.In fact, it has some advantages, because the cemetery management is very strict, and the environment is good, so it will be much more convenient to worship in the future.Especially on rainy days, if it is a tomb in a rural area, the descendants of the tomb would always feel uncomfortable, but now they do not go to cemeteries because most cemeteries are built with concrete roads.More importantly, the relocation of a large number of tombs to the unified cemetery will expand the area of farmland, which will benefit agricultural development.China is a large agricultural country, while ensuring the food demand of the people, we also have to provide export, after all, this is one of the main sources of China’s trade economy.Some people would say that funeral rituals are just a superstition, and many people have forgotten some traditional customs in modern times.In fact, it varies from person to person. Preserving funeral etiquette does not mean superstition, but respect for ancient culture.Of course, the law does not require it, so modern people do not have to put too much pressure on themselves to accept.