Gently holding your face. What song?

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Gently Holding Your Face is from “Gently Holding Your Face” sung by the stars.1. Fill the World with Love has a strong realistic meaning, calling out every little bit of everyone to make a big love.Hope to make the world full of love, so that there is no contradiction between all people, so that everyone can live in peace, so as to make their own life.There are too many wars in the world, too many problems to face, only let your heart become very peaceful, to be able to do it.Hold your face gently and dry your tears.This heart belongs to you forever, tell me no longer alone.I look deep into your eyes, don’t need more words, hold your hand tightly, the warmth remains unchanged.3. The song “Let the World Be Filled with Love” broke people’s prejudice against “pop music”. The pioneer made people realize that pop music can also interpret big themes, spread positive energy and convey the power of love, leaving a strong mark in the history of Chinese pop music.