Summer arrived, how should hypertensive patient spend safely?Pay attention to 7 small details to prevent accidents

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Summer is a vibrant season, but patients with hypertension should pay special attention to this season, because there are many risk factors for patients with hypertension in this season, but there is no need to be too nervous, as long as you pay attention to 7 small details in life to prevent accidents.Still can control blood pressure effectively.What details should hypertensive patients pay attention to in summer?1, reasonable diet hypertensive patients in the summer to a reasonable diet, not only to light, but also to maintain a balanced nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables is the most appropriate.In addition, the summer weather is hot, people are easy to sweat, so they will lose a lot of water, so the blood may become sticky, thus raising blood pressure, so in summer to appropriate water supplement, even if not thirsty to form the habit of drinking water on time.Drinking 200 to 300 milliliters of water each time and 2,000 milliliters of water a day is a good way to prevent high blood pressure and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by blood stickiness.2, keep adequate sleep time sleep has a certain impact on the treatment of high blood pressure, so even in the hot summer to keep adequate sleep time, because people into sleep after the blood pressure will naturally drop.If you don’t get enough sleep for a long time, your blood pressure will rise and your cardiovascular health will be affected.3, avoid hot and cold stimulation some people in the summer will like to stay in the air conditioning room, and will put the air conditioning temperature is very low, in fact, this habit is not correct.The hotter the weather, the less the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, the maximum temperature difference should not exceed 6 degrees.The reason to do so is that if the air conditioning temperature is too low, then after going outdoors, blood vessels will suddenly contract or dilate because of the stimulation of a cold and a heat, thus laying the hidden danger of elevated blood pressure.4, the rational use of blood pressure changes and the cold and hot weather has a certain relationship, so in the summer to under the guidance of doctors, reasonable adjustment of antihypertensive drug dose, to avoid due to improper dose of blood pressure instability.5, choose the right environment for exercise hypertensive patients in the summer should also exercise, so as to improve the human immune capacity, but also can let the body’s toxins and garbage faster discharge, so that the blood circulation becomes more fluent.But exercise to remember the right amount, if the sudden consumption of too much, it is likely to make a sudden increase in blood pressure, resulting in serious consequences.In addition, choose a suitable place, preferably in the shade, such as a park, to avoid overheating and raise blood pressure.6. Don’t drink too much and eat seafood With the arrival of summer, barbecue has become a favorite food again.Most people like to drink beer when eat barbecue, pair in the two substances together can let a person feel very comfortable, but it can’t do that for patients with high blood pressure, especially not a lot of seafood when a large number of drinking, alcohol can damage the kidneys and liver health, and can make blood pressure increases, the seafood of purine content is particularly high, is easy to cause the three tenors.7, go out to pay attention to sunscreen in the summer sun is very toxic, especially at 10 to 15 every day, try not to go out between this point.If you don’t have to go out, you must wear a sunscreen umbrella. The sunscreen effect of sunscreen umbrella is actually more useful than any chemical sunscreen, and it saves time. Just put it on when you go out and avoid the sun’s irritation.Summer is hot, go out, whether it is sunny or rainy, the bag should be prepared with an umbrella.Rainy days block the rain, sunny days block ultraviolet rays, this method of sunscreen is more direct and effective than smearing sunscreen.However, many people don’t like to take an umbrella when they go out. Why?This is because the traditional umbrella is too heavy and inconvenient to carry, and people want to be light when they go out.Many people wish they had an umbrella that could fit easily into a bag and be protected from the sun, rain, and wind.Don’t worry!I searched the Internet and compared dozens of umbrellas. Finally, I found this one, which is durable, good-looking, and sun-protected. 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