The Jilin Provincial military Command has sent more than 7,000 militiamen to support local epidemic prevention and control efforts

2022-06-06 0 By

At present, the situation in Jilin province is grim and complex. To effectively respond to the new round of COVID-19 outbreak and spread, the Jilin Provincial military Command has dispatched more than 7,000 militiamen to support local epidemic prevention and control efforts.Changchun started the third round of nucleic acid testing for all its staff from Thursday.In accordance with the unified deployment of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the militia emergency response detachment of the Changchun Garrison Immediately moved into the nucleic acid sampling center to carry out auxiliary work such as order maintenance, information registration, code scanning and temperature measurement.In Yanbian, Jilin province, more than 1,200 key members of the militia and veterans’ volunteer service teams have been deployed to the local closed control zones and nucleic acid sampling sites and on 24-hour guard duty.In Changyi District, Jilin City, militia UAV teams went to key epidemic prevention areas such as transportation hubs and isolation and containment communities to carry out aerial spraying and disinfection, and cooperated with ground teams in their operations, greatly improving the eradication efficiency.In Jiaohe, Shishi and Yongji, the backbone of the militia, together with local traffic police and medical staff, carried out epidemic prevention and screening at all traffic crossings.Wang Wengen, director of the Combat Readiness Construction Department of the Jilin Military Sub-division, said: “We have actively mobilized new forces and primary militiamen. We have taken centralized deployment, small groups and multiple routes to undertake tasks such as disinfection of sites, card installation and persuasion, and transportation of materials, so as to play the role of mass prevention and control.Source CCTV net editor Yang Yu tian Minjia Yang Tao