When will China post express be so awesome

2022-06-06 0 By

Some years ago, the commonly used express delivery companies would have a holiday when the Chinese New Year came. As a result, shopping would have a Spring Festival break, which caused a lot of inconvenience.In the past few years, suning Shopping does not have a holiday during the Spring Festival, jingdong has good delivery during the Spring Festival, and SF Express does not stop operation during the Spring Festival, which gradually makes us no longer have the habit of shopping online during the Spring Festival.Of course, when buying goods, we should also be optimistic about whether the Spring Festival is not closed.The goods I bought are delivered by China Post. According to the logistics, they have arrived at the distribution outlet on January 28th. I think they will be delivered before the New Year anyway.However, I underestimated the speed of the postal service and was waiting to be used. I couldn’t resist calling on February 3 to complain and was told to reply within 48 hours.On February 4th, I couldn’t wait for a reply and made a phone call. It took 3-4 minutes to get through to the manual customer service. No one followed up yesterday’s complaint.Then I called the business hall number, but no one answered.The whole process of the call was repeated. Four minutes later, another staff member was picked up, promising that they would confirm it and asking me to wait patiently.Until now there has been no answer.Affirming they are to go to work indeed, hence go to business hall by oneself.In the 200-square-meter business hall, all the packages are piled up on the floor and there are four or five staff members playing on their mobile phones in the lounge.Knowing is to come to pick up, then lead us to come to this pile is all our community express pile, and then turn the east to look for more than 10 minutes, finally is in many pieces to find our piece.On the way back, tell the child not to criticize the seller, because the slogan of China Post is no Spring Festival holiday, so the seller is not wrong.Don’t be mad at China Post either, they did manage to keep the Spring Festival holiday because they had staff on duty.Don’t blame the phone complaints, not to follow up because voice intelligence is not so intelligent, something must be answered artificial, at least artificial customer service answered the phone, and told the business hall someone, intelligent voice will not have these messages.Of course, don’t blame the delivery man for not delivering and not working for double overtime. He will suffer the consequences of his words and deeds in the future.We chatted kindly with the staff, sincerely thanked them for their search, and returned with the delivery.In the face of them, it is good to be polite, because it does not make sense, there is no need to argue.Do you agree?