Game Is Endogenous: A New Force in global Discourse?

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, this is the 4334th article original starting word + 2 k · · Liu Yuanju | article attention Qin Shuo friends ID: qspyq2015 recently, market research firm Newzoo, a retrospect of the 2021 world games market big events, and analyses the data.In 2020, the pandemic reduced people’s travel, leading to unprecedented growth in the gaming industry.The industry has long assumed that the gaming market will not grow at the same rate in 2021.In fact, the market generated $180.3 billion in total revenue in 2021, up 1.4% from 2020.In a year that saw varying growth in cloud gaming, esports and livestreaming, the metasurverse concept emerged that may be the social hub of the future.Because of this potential future, the giants are building their own global game maps.On January 18th Microsoft suddenly announced that it would buy Activision Blizzard for $95 a share, a deal valued at $68.7 billion.Activision Blizzard, known for its call of Duty, Diablo iii, Overwatch and World of Warcraft titles, will add to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass libraries.Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision immediately sent shockwaves around the world.It’s the biggest acquisition in gaming history, and the biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s history.When the deal closes, Microsoft will become the world’s third-largest gaming company behind Tencent and SONY.Microsoft has been expanding its gaming empire through big acquisitions over the past few years.The immediate motivation for many of these acquisitions is that the global tech giants are increasingly focusing on and investing in games.Today, Microsoft’s Windows is 11 years old, and despite the rise of Android and Apple, Microsoft’s operating system remains the dominant operating system in the world’s most productive computers.However, with the development of technology, this absolute leading position no longer has “monopoly power” and “market power”, just like those oil companies in the past, is no longer a significant market player in the economy.So Microsoft has been looking for alternatives, from buying TikTok to building its gaming empire, in part as a way to anticipate this future.The acquisition will accelerate the growth of Microsoft’s gaming business in mobile, PC, console and cloud, and will provide a cornerstone for the “metasverse” business.On a deeper level, with the rapid development of digital technology, games and social media have become deeply embedded in the history of human economy and civilization.Ten years ago, young people started switching from traditional media to social media, and today they are switching from social media to video games that offer more interactive experiences.In the trend of deep integration of virtual and reality, games and social, games and reality are further integrating, and the epidemic has accelerated this pace.As Microsoft said in a statement, three billion people now play games, engaging in interactive games, and gaming has evolved into the largest and fastest-growing form of entertainment.An industry that affects 3 billion people, mostly young people, is necessarily an industry that affects people.As a special form of content presentation following text, image and film, games have strategic significance in terms of cultural output ability, global cultural discourse power, and even comprehensive national strength competition.A country’s game industry in technological innovation and progress, the importance of business expansion is increasingly prominent.From this point of view, Microsoft’s game empire is a huge carrier of cultural output.In the competition between countries, will play a subtle, immeasurable huge role.China is already in a position to try this type of output.For a long time, China’s cultural exports have relied on a few single images, such as the panda and Mulan, or on ancient people in the past, such as Confucius and Lao Tzu.It is understandable to focus too much on these IPS because China lacks strong products.Exporting culture is not something you can export if you want to. A country that can export culture must be a big country in economy and technology, with strong technology and industrial products that represent the national image.The so-called strong products are those that condense the most advanced technology and reflect the highest industrial achievements of mankind, such as Intel CPU, Apple mobile phone, F35 fighter jet and Tesla.When a country can export such strong products, such products support each other and form an interconnected matrix. Brands influence each other and give positive feedback to form the brand image of a country, thus helping Nike, COACH, Michael Kors and other brands to build their own image among consumers.Then you have the NBA, Hollywood, StarCraft, World of Warcraft and other culture-intensive products.Now, after 40 years of reform and opening-up, China has its own strong products.5G, Huawei, space station, high-speed rail, fighter jets and so on constitute the new image of China.With these strong technological products to enhance China’s image, Chinese consumer brands can rise under the leadership of strong products.However, with strong products, it does not mean that consumer and cultural products can automatically rise, but need to continue to build a huge global empire like Microsoft.Unfortunately, based on the influence of traditional thinking, the development of such products has been self-restricted by Chinese people.Romantic and realistic productivism is counter-intuitive. In many cases, the pursuit of a solid, concrete and targeted physical production is a kind of “romantic productivism”.This grand narrative, based on the sea of stars, pursues industrialization, material production and technological progress regardless of cost, but ignores the purpose of technological progress, economic growth and national prosperity: to meet the various needs of the people, such as clothing, food and entertainment.This is the Romantic view of production.The romantic view of production, and the resulting moralization of the market, makes value judgments about the development of the industry: the water seller becomes the richest man, wrong;Real estate drives the economy, wrong;Games, not production, wrong;Take-out rider. No real stuff. No.”Romantic productivism” one-sided pursuit of material production, production efficiency, not the pursuit of sustainability, not pay attention to profit, often unsustainable, need continuous transfusion, ultimately drag down the entire economy.So, this kind of concept, not the real economy, but a kind of romanticism.Another way of looking at economic development is to focus on satisfying human needs in the pursuit of profit.These industries appear to be a form of “realist production” without producing real goods, but are relatively sustainable because they pursue profits.And in its own cycle, it will drive the progress of the whole economy and real technology, and bring global discourse power to these countries that are the subject of economic and technological progress.The hottest innovations today are the meta-universe, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.The foundation of metasexes, deep learning and AI is the graphics chip.Games, in the view of romantic production, make no sense.But it was the demand for graphics chips for games that drove video card manufacturers to make money by constantly developing chips, starting with the first VOODOO chip in 1995 and now nearly 30 years in development.Later, graphics chips found their own new uses, such as scientific computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and so on.The blood of the Voodoo chip flows through every calculation of the Nvidia chip before we can talk about metasexes, virtual reality, artificial intelligence.To the extent that games had not supported the development of graphics chips, AI without a hardware base would have been very expensive and would not have developed so quickly.Pure scientific calculation, rendering, computer animation design, is unable to quickly promote the development of GPU and CPU.Compared with consumers’ huge demand for game performance and multimedia performance, these demands are small, resulting in small profits, leading to research and development, upgrading will be several orders of magnitude smaller.What’s more, even rendering and computer animation design hardly meet the requirements of what many people call the “real economy.”You decorate a house, want to see effect chart, even high-precision, need high-performance computer render colours, this is not to waste precious resources on small endowment emotional appeal?Another example is shooting movies, spending a lot of money in animation design, rendering, just to meet the pure entertainment needs.Is that a diversion of valuable computational power that could be used to calculate protein folding?But it is precisely this seemingly wasteful behavior that drives the development of computer technology.With the global development of the American game industry, its computer technology is also developing, making mankind enter the information age, the Internet age, and even the age of the meta-universe.Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not morally condemned, nor is it aimed at global politics. But in fact, relying on this development, it will promote the promotion of INFORMATION technology in the United States, and even the promotion of global discourse.As international technology giants seize such advantages, China should also face up to the significance of the internal mechanism of development and encourage Chinese enterprises to rely on domestic development to go global and improve their international competitiveness, so as not to be pulled apart in the future.As for the rest, it’s just a matter of course.”China” pictures | vision contribute content cooperation, communication: