Research newspaper entertainment vulgarization?Regulators say ‘Zero Tolerance’

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In the new jingwei on March 31 (Ma Jing) strong supervision again refers to the sword “metaphysics research newspaper”.Recently, Zhongxin Jingwei learned that the institutional department of China Securities Regulatory Commission reiterated in the notice of supervision issued to institutions that it would strictly investigate and punish illegal behaviors in the business of issuing research reports and securities investment consulting business, resolutely implement the “zero tolerance” working policy, and find and dispose of them together.The organization department, said the current part of securities company securities analysts, securities investment consulting, failing to abide by the norms and professional ethics, and published research to offer investment advice or service not objective, professional and prudent, and even entertainment, vulgarization, reflects part of the compliance management of the securities firm does not reach the designated position, personnel loopholes in control, some practitioners compliance consciousness,Professional ability needs to be further improved.The Institutional Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission mentioned two cases in the notice: One is that an analyst and deputy director of the research Institute of G Securities Company made a PPT material named Preliminary Study on the Application of Tiangandizhi in Timing by using Tiangandizhi to analyze and forecast stock market trends.The analyst privately shared the PPT content with clients, which was then circulated to social media and news media, attracting public opinion.The second is that the investment consultant of A branch of A Securities Company sends the “Benevolent Invincible – China Stock Market Forecast 2022” with the company logo to the wechat group of the company in the form of pictures, and analyzes and predicts the stock market trend in 2022 by using the heavenly stem and earthly branches and calendar effect.According to Zhongxin Jingwei, the two “Metaphysical studies” mentioned above are Liu Fubing, a researcher of Guosheng Securities, and Chen Nanpeng, an investment consultant of Andersen Securities Shantou Branch.On December 30, 2021, Liu Fubing and Guosheng Securities were issued a supervision letter by Jiangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau;Chen Nanpeng and Essence securities in March 3 this year, shenzhen Securities regulatory Bureau issued a letter of supervision.According to the disclosure of the CSRC institutional department, in addition to administrative supervision measures, securities companies have also taken accountability measures such as dismissal, demotion and deduction of annual bonuses for relevant personnel.With the accelerating transformation of brokerages to wealth management, the demand for investment consultants is more urgent.According to statistics, the number of employees of six head brokerages is over ten thousand, and the staff of the whole industry is about to break through seventy thousand.At the same time, supervision has never relaxed the standard guidance of investment care business.So far this year, regulators have issued at least six fines for irregularities in investment banking, involving the headquarters, branches or employees of securities firms such as Shenwan Hongyuan Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Capital Securities, Founder Securities and Huafu Securities, according to incomplete statistics from Zhongxin Jingwei.Regulation mainly focus on the “not appropriateness management independently, without a comprehensive understanding of investors” “through WeChat and WeChat group of misleading statements to the investors behavior”, “employment has not obtained the securities investment consulting qualification of the employees as a cast of” the “securities investment advice provided to an investor without reasonable grounds, and prompt investment risk” and other irregularities.Institutional Department of CSRC also emphasized two regulatory requirements in this circular: first, securities companies should strengthen compliance management and personnel control and improve professional service capabilities.Second, securities analysts, securities investment consultants and other practitioners should standardize their professional behaviors and enhance their professional abilities.(Zhongxin Jingwei APP)(The views in this article are for reference only, and do not constitute investment advice. Investment is risky, so be cautious when entering the market.)Zhongxin Jingwei all rights reserved, without written authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced, excerpted or used in other ways.Editor in charge: Luo Kun