See you soon!The last of the black-headed gulls are leaving Kunming

2022-06-07 0 By

The black-headed gulls, circling together, have begun to leave the shore and are no longer interested in feeding. It’s all about leaving…On March 31, in caohai, Kunming, a news reporter saw the last thousands of black-headed gulls gathering in the middle of the water before leaving for Kunming.The occasional black-headed gulls landing or flying ashore have darkened their heads, a sign of sexual maturity that means they must return to their breeding grounds to “marry and raise children.””Most of the seagulls have already gone, there are only a few thousand left, and they won’t stay for more than a few days, they will go soon.”A seagull photographer at haigen Dam said many black-headed gulls leave the grass sea every day, sometimes thousands in a single day, but now there are not many left, and most will soon leave.Fewer tourists are coming to see the gulls.”I came to see the seagulls, but now many of them have moved away and rarely come ashore, so it’s difficult to feed them and take photos,” said one tourist.We’ll have to wait until the gulls come back in December.””Black-headed gulls have moulted and the winter feathers that arrived have become summer feathers, which are breeding feathers and are also known as’ summer clothes’,” said Wang Zhibin, deputy secretary general of the Kunming Bird Association.Although the chicks have moulted, they are not yet sexually mature, so their heads do not turn black.Most of the black-headed gulls have already left, with the last batch expected to leave Kunming around April 10.They will go in batches, some will go to the northeast of our country, some will go to Russia, and some will go to other countries.The black-headed gulls go back mainly to breed and then in November and December some of the chicks will come back.”The reporter learned that every year when black-headed gulls migrate, there will be two to three hundred of them will not leave, and this part is mainly the “old and weak” of the flock, they do not have the ability of long-distance flight, so they can only stay in the central area outside dianchi Lake, waiting for the return of the large army.These black-headed gulls, they’re hard to see.