Hollow piezoelectric six axis nano positioning motion platform | construction is successful

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The noisy New Year holiday ended, the arrival of a new Lunar New Year, we have returned to their posts, the core tomorrow I wish everyone a happy start!This tweet brings you a core of tomorrow’s six-axis piezoelectric nano-motion platform.H61.xyztr0s is a six-axis piezoelectric platform with high precision and large load bearing. It is suitable for static six-axis linear nano-positioning and Angle nanoradian deflection. The center has a through hole, which is suitable for the transmission light application of nano-level high-precision positioning adjustment.The driving form of H61.XYzTR0S 6-axis piezoelectric nano positioning platform is different from the 6-DOF structure. Its shape is more conventional, and the movement area is limited to the center square moving table, which is very easy to install and fix the platform and load.H61.xyztr0s six axis piezoelectric nano positioning table has a 50mm×50mm square through hole in the center, which is very suitable for the application of transmitted light, such as sample observation and microscopic imaging.H61.xyztr0s six axis piezoelectric nano positioning platform can be up to 10.5kg!It is very suitable for six-axis nano localization of larger sample loads.X61.xyztr0s 6-axis piezoelectric nano-positioning platform has a displacement of 80μm (or ±40μm) in X and Y direction, and a displacement of 35μm in Z direction. The deflection stroke of θ X θ Y direction is 0.7 mrAD/axis (or ±0.35mrad/ axis).The deflection stroke of θ Z direction is 0.3mrad/ axis (or ±0.15mrad/ axis).In such a small range of motion, the six-axis piezoelectric platform can achieve more precise nanoscale linear motion and nanoradian Angle motion, providing ultra-high precision motion control for the application environment.E51.d7s piezoelectric controller as shown in the figure below, E51.D7S piezoelectric controller is a low-power and low-ripple controller specially designed and developed for driving a six-axis piezoelectric positioning platform, with compact structure and easy integration.H61.XYZTR0S piezoelectric positioning platform is used to construct a high-precision six-axis nano positioning system.Under the control of E51.D7S piezoelectric controller, h61.xyZTR0S piezoelectric positioning platform X, Y, Z, θ X, θ Y, θ Z six dimensions of the operation and control will be more flexible, even under the large load of 10kg.The application scope of H61.XYZTR0S piezoelectric positioning platform is extended to many fields.H61.XYZTR0S six-axis positioning system (left: E51.D7S piezoelectric controller, right:H61.xyztr0s) typical application • six-axis ultra-precision position adjustment • Prism position adjustment • Optical application • Transmitted light application Measured data curve 1) Angle and voltage curve 2) linear displacement and voltage curve 3) step time curveX, Y, Z, θ X, θ Y, θ Z drive control: 7 way drive XYZ nominal stroke range (0~120V) : XY: ±32μm/ axis Z: 28μmXYZ Stroke range (0~150V) : XY: ±40μm/ axis Z: 35μmθ X θ Y nominal deflection stroke (0~120V) :± 0.28MRAD/axis θ Z nominal deflection stroke (0~120V) : ± 0.12MRad/axis θxθy deflection stroke (0~150V) : ± 0.35MRad/axis θz deflection stroke (0~150V) : ± 0.15MRad/axis no-load resonance frequency:350Hz Load 10.5kg Resonant frequency: 50Hz Sensor: SGS Load capacity: 10.5kg Center through hole: 50mm×50mm Dimensions: L200×W200×H64 mm^3 Mode of use: forward use, static static capacity: XYZ 29μF/ axis θxθyθ Z 15μF/ axis weight:Material: steel, aluminum