Horn Pond spring farming egrets fly picturesque pastoral ecology

2022-06-08 0 By

It is the rice planting season now. In the ecological paddy field of Jiao Tang Village, Baimangying Town, flocks of egrets are attracted by the rumbling sound of the plowing machine. Egrets either follow the farming machine leisurely, waiting for the opportunity to forage, or stretch their posture and fly over the paddy field, forming a beautiful and harmonious ecological picture with the agricultural machine and paddy field.He Jiang, a big grain farmer: Every day when I do things, it flies around my machine to accompany me, every busy day accompany me, very happy to see.In recent years, our county actively developing ecological agriculture, the county green farming base nearly ten thousand acres, of which ten thousand mu planting of background more than 40, nearly 200000 mu of green organic vegetables, focus on the production of green, safety, high added value of organic agricultural products, successfully created the national food quality and safety of agricultural products export demonstration area, walked out of a green ecological agriculture development.Reporter: Jiang Linfeng Peng Baohua editor: Tang Hao editor: Luo Yanting supervision review: Jiang Hui final review: Peng Anwen