Liangxi main city science and technology housing 143 square meters of three rooms to improve the south room

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As the first child of Wuxi Love Real Estate, Shanhe All Things follows the healthy, green and intelligent concept of Love Real Estate to create scientific and technological health housing.The project covers a total area of about 56641 square meters, with a total construction area of 149800 square meters. The plot ratio is 1.9, with a total of 742 households.All things in the mountains and rivers are based on the demand for improved living, and 17 residential products are built, which are divided into two blocks A and B for development.Plot A is planned to have 12 17-storey systematic houses, and Plot B is planned to have 3 9-storey houses and 2 17-storey small high-rise products. Plot A is the first to be introduced into the market.Residential vehicle diversion, property costs 3.6 yuan /㎡, operating costs 3.9 yuan /㎡.In terms of overall community building, the project house adopts enclosed layout with central landscape greening of 8,000 square meters. In addition, the project has a kindergarten and a floor shop. The 1st and 2nd floors of the sales office will be transformed into commercial buildings in the future, and the 3rd floor will be used as a coffee bar for the owners.The mountains and rivers adopt modern architectural style, and the first floor of the building is designed on stilts to create more community public space.In terms of product design, mountains and rivers all things to create 122, 143, 165㎡ apartment products, the overall housing rate of about 75%.The main product of science and technology housing, equipped with constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, constant static, constant clean five constant system hardcover delivery.At present, the project is selling Building 14 and 16, of which building 14 is 122 square meters west and 165 square meters east, building 16 is 122 square meters west and 143 square meters east. The transaction price is 33000-34,000 yuan/square meter, and the decoration standard is 2480 yuan/square meter.Three rooms face south, horizontal hall design, house type is founder, short and deep, and later there is room for transformation.143 square meters is more classic, 6.9 meters wide horizontal hall + double open balcony, lighting and air circulation can be guaranteed, at the same time in the late can be adjusted according to their own needs, plasticity is strong.The apartment has four bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms, with two bedrooms facing south and ample daylight.Master bedroom suite design, equipped with cloakroom and independent bathroom;And the entire bedroom layout is compact.Bathroom three-stage design, dry and wet separation.All things as love real estate into the tin first son, because of the land, the time is late, coupled with the creation of science and technology decoration housing, the price in the plate slightly higher, has exceeded the 3W mark.At present, the project is selling small high-rise building 14, 16, the construction area of 122, 143, 165 square meters, the decoration standard of 2048 yuan/square meters, the current sale transaction price is 33000-34,000 yuan/square meters.At present, shanbei plate is selling a lot of new houses, the price of new projects entering the market this year has been far more than 2.5W, such as Liangxi Guandi in the sale of blank multi-storey residential average price of 25,000-27000 yuan /㎡, sunshine city Moon Wenlan launched the decoration house price reached 29000 yuan /㎡,The same as love real estate to create the average price of mountains and rivers vientiane about 33,000 yuan /㎡, and liangxi source and other projects due to a longer sale time, is the plate price limit plate, the current price of about 17500 yuan /㎡.Surrounding second-hand houses such as he Jia Yuan, Sheng An village, Rong Lake landscape, etc., the highest price in 1.9W/㎡.Shanhe Everything is located in the main urban area of Liangxi, and the heat of shanbei plate has been increasing after the input of good education;At the same time, the intersection of Subway Line 3 and Line 4 at Shengan Station also brings more attention to the plate itself.At present, in the new houses sold in Shanbei plate, Shanhe All Things create scientific and technological housing, and create improved housing on the product itself, which plays a positive role in the quality of future projects in the whole plate.During the Spring Festival, the repurchase rate of sunac Landscape jiangnan old owners is about 70%